Kourosh Parsapour, MD MBA

Kourosh Parsapour, MD MBA

15y+ clinical experience in pediatrics, ER, ICU & telehealth; successful exit of 1st startup (Telepeds); Healthcare MBA from UC Irvine 2012
General Business • Mobile Dev
Los Angeles, US
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CEO @personalRN • Co-Founder

Coordinated stroke care, from onset through hospitalization to recovery.

Oct '13 - Present (7 years 4 months)


CEO @5PlusTherapy • Co-Founder

Feb '13 - Apr '14 (1 year 2 months)

Miller Children's Hospital, Long Beach CA

Medical Director, Pediatric Critical Care Transport @Miller Children's Hospital, Long Beach CA

Jul '07 - Jun '13 (5 years 11 months)

Specialists on Call

Medical Director, Pediatrics @Specialists on Call

Sep '08 - May '11 (2 years 8 months)


CEO @Telepeds • Co-Founder


Sep '07 - Oct '08 (1 year 1 month)

UC Davis Children's Hospital, Sacramento CA

PICU Attending @UC Davis Children's Hospital, Sacramento CA

Apr '04 - Jun '07 (3 years 2 months)

Amazing things Kourosh's made
1. The 1st reported real-time pain mapping in 3D space using Kinect2 as a motion-capture sensor. An activation event (voice, pressing of button) records the body segment motion that correlates to heat-mapping signatures, facial grimace, increased heart rate & pupillary dilation. A reproducible map of pain location & intensity that is validated by empiric physiologic data is valuable when evaluating pain as a metric of response in therapy & can also be used to rule-out malingering, such as fraudulent Workman's Comp Claims.

2. A democratized NIH Stroke Scale calculator with efficiency algorithms, clinical guardrails & UX/UI design to allow the most inexperienced user to reliably assess a stroke patient faster & with higher accuracy than the original pen-to-paper version. Adoption & use in pre-hospital settings by paramedics & other first-responders would reduce the amount of time required to administer the life & limb clot-busting medication, t-PA. For more info: www.strokeapp.com
UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business

UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business

Healthcare Executive MBA Sep 2010 - Aug 2012

St. George's University School of Medicine

St. George's University School of Medicine

Medicine Aug 1994 - Jun 1998

Illinois State University

Illinois State University

Post-Baccalaureate - Molecular Biology Jun 1992 - Jun 1994

UC Davis

UC Davis

BS in Physiology Sep 1988 - Jun 1992


Andrew Wong Advisor at personalRN recommended personalRN where Kourosh is Co-Founder

Kourosh always strives to be on the cutting edge of technology improving the way we deliver healthcare to patients. He is hard working and it has been awesome working with him as an advisor.

Dave Whelan Strategic Advisor at Nurse At Your Door recommended personalRN where Kourosh is Co-Founder

Kourosh is an extremely smart, creative, and driven entrepreneur in the healthcare space. He’s proven himself as a start-up founder, and he continues to innovate with personalRN. On top of all of that, he is always happy to help other entrepreneurs and start-ups as a leading member of the SoCal healthtech innovation community.

Anne Cocquyt CEO at The GUILD - Global Women Network recommended personalRN where Kourosh is Co-Founder

personalRN is a startup that solves a real need critical for patients, physicians and care givers. I joined the team as an advisor fully committed to connect PersonalRN to my contacts at Genentech and in the digital health world because I believe in the incredible talent Kourosh was able to assemble as well as the solution the team put in place with the mission to save lives of millions of stroke patients. The approach, the traction, the current products and the witty team put PersonalPN on a path to success and making a difference in our world. I'm proud to be part of this team and have no doubt about the success as a game-changing solution in patient education in the digital health world.

Daniel Ball Product at Startup Next LA recommended personalRN where Kourosh is Co-Founder

personalRN is an alumni of Startup Next LA, a Techstars program. During the 6 week "pre-accelerator" program, personalRN experience a tremendous growth via iterating on their business model and go-to-market strategy. They came out of the program a strong candidate for investment or continued growth in an accelerator. They have demonstrated validation of problem-solution fit, and are getting traction with early customers and users that should lead to product-market fit in the near term.

Victor Oliveros Co-Founder at Doctory recommended personalRN where Kourosh is Co-Founder

personalRN is a company that has huge, huge vision and a great team. The company's goal is to help make the world better by saving lives from the most at-risk populations. Kourosh Parsapour is equal parts domain expert and a very talented leader. He and his team have set out on a monumental task but their technical, business, and healthcare chops are more than enough to win.