Krishna Sri

Krishna Sri

I am very hard worker, grown up from remote village. I am very passionate for innovation and do great things to create a new world
General Business • Marketing
Bangalore, India
  • Marketing Strategy
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  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Development

CEO, Founder @SkilledTree • Co-Founder

Referral Job Networking. HR post job and employee's friends apply it.

Amazing things Krishna's made
SkilledTree is multi level referral networking.

HR add all the employees to their company account, each employee invites their friends and these friends further invite their friends. Once they joined, each job post will reach to all the members in the network. So, any one of friends can apply the job.

For instance, if the HR added 10 employees, these employees added about 200 friends and these 200 friends added another 4000, the job will reach all the 4210 members of network.

Any one of the member can apply the job post and employee receive referral bonus from their company.

SkilledTree Benefits
* Increased Top Quality Candidates
* Reduced hiring cost
* Increased Net Profit
* Decreased hiring time
* Improved retention rates & culture fit
* Increased social media hiring
* Better decision making with analytics

SkilledTree is going to be as big as LinkedIn if all the companies are subscribed.

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