Kristina Richmart

Kristina Richmart

Kristina Tsvetanova - CEO & Co-founder BLITAB Technology Ltd.
General Engineer • General Business
Vienna, Austria
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  • Supply Chain Management

CEO @BLITAB • Co-Founder

BLITAB - World's First Tactile Tablet

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Engineer @Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company • Employee

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Kristina Tsvetanova is an acclaimed social entrepreneur who has risen to the top of this competitive field through her original, visionary and innovative technology product development work.Ms. Tsvetanova is a business person and social tech entrepreneur who has reached a high level of achievement in the field and has established herself as one of the most remarkable talents who is changing the world through her innovation. In 2015 she was recognized as European Winner of Social Entrepreneurship and Disability, awarded by the European Commissioner for Employment, Labor and Social - Marianne Thyssen. Recently in 2017 she received the EU Prize for Women Innovators under 30 and MIT 35 under 35 Innovators. Born in Bulgaria and living in Vienna, she graduated with honors her Bachelor and Master degree in Industrial Engineering,has more than 7 years hands-on experience in Supply chain Management and Industrial Engineering s
Technical University of Sofia

Technical University of Sofia

Technical University Sofia

Technical University Sofia

Industrian Engineering


Madalina Serban Fashion Designer at madeleine e ginger recommended BLITAB where Kristina is Co-Founder

BLITAB is a very promising global business.

I have first heard about the concept with the occasion of the Social Impact Award 2014 edition, immediately spotted its potential and become even more sure about its materialization once I had discovered the combination of skills and competences the team brings in. A team of young business professionals highly motivated, sure to succeed, and prepared to work hard every step of the way. I was very happy to work alongside Ms. Kristina Tsvetanova as a consultant to accessing EU funding early August and got to understand BLITAB's business proposition in depth, only to get reassured of the true value it shall bring.

I have 10 years+ experience in corporate business and started my own coursework in the sector of socio-economic development late 2011, and BLITAB is for me one of those stories you hear of, you simply do not forget and you know you'll be hearing of for a long time. I fully support them and highly recommend them for the program.

Diego Heatherman at Impact Hub Vienna recommended BLITAB where Kristina is Co-Founder

BLITAB boasts an impressive team of upcoming entrepreneurs. I first met them at start-up workshop I ran at the Vienna University of Economics and noticed their motivation. Since then, their drive, idea, and understanding of their target group has helped them win several awards in the Austrian start-up community and position them well for the development of a working prototype.

The combination of a strong engineering background and understanding of the business world is something I do not see very often among social entrepreneurs. Each time we meet, they have advanced three more steps, and I am excited about their upcoming technical developments.

BLITABĀ“s idea is strong on its own, but it is the passion and skills of the team behind it that are the reason I am happy to recommend this venture!