Kévin BOSC

Kévin BOSC

After 3 years spent at Google as an account manager, I co-founded Refer Me Please. Strong skills in online advertising and marketing
Front End Dev • Marketing
Paris, France
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Refer Me Please

CEO & Co-Founder @Refer Me Please • Co-Founder

Market Network built for job referrals connecting job seekers w/ employees


Sales @Google

You have an idea. Make it happen.

Oct '12 - Apr '15 (2 years 6 months)


Marketing @CANAL +

Jul '12 - Oct '12 (3 months)


Marketing @CNBC

Jan '11 - Jul '11 (6 months)


Sales @Philips1

Innovation. Design. Sustainability. Change

Jul '10 - Dec '10 (5 months)

Dassault Systèmes

Marketing @Dassault Systèmes

Jan '10 - Jul '10 (6 months)

Amazing things Kévin's made
During my first job at Google as an Associate Account Strategist, I was handling customers requests over phone, email chat, video chat... I recognized some patterns and recurring questions that each time were making the global customer satisfaction going down. I then decided to proactively answer those questions by creating a specific YouTube channel dedicated to Customer Education about specific topics such as Google Analytics, Google Shopping etc... Those videos were then used by the team as a support or customers could watch them online to find the answer. It helped then decrease the number of requests we had and improve the overall customer's satisfaction.
North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University

International Business Sep 2011 - May 2012

Skema Business School

Skema Business School

Management Sep 2008 - May 2012


Jonathan Patrick Vice President of Finance at Cathedral Leasing recommended Refer Me Please where Kévin is Co-Founder

Refer Me Please strikes me as a highly necessary service. As a C-level executive at a financial services firm I am always on the lookout for new team members that come through employee referral. Without doubt I have to believe that go-to companies like Google agree that the best employees come via referral as well. Look no further than the culture at Zappos to validate this point. In his book Delivering Happiness author Tony Shieh talks about the importance of finding quality talent through internal referrals.

In addition I believe that Kevin Bosc has the experience (in fact he worked at Google) and has accomplished some significant milestones to solidify his ability to scale Refer Me Please with the right help.