Kyle Flanagan

Kyle Flanagan

Founder, President & CEO @ Prime Lightworks Inc.
Hardware Engineer
Torrance, US
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Prime Lightworks Inc.

CEO @Prime Lightworks Inc. • Co-Founder

Satellite Electric Propulsion using RF Resonant Cavity Thrusters (EmDrive)

Sep '15 - Present (3 years 8 months)


Engineer @SpaceX

SpaceX, the future of space travel.

Jan '13 - May '15 (2 years 4 months)

Amazing things Kyle's made
Prototype Satellite Electric Propulsion System @ Prime Lightworks:
* 50W RF Power Enclosure
* Li-Ion Battery Pack
* Wi-Fi Computer Controller
* Software Defined Radio (SDR)
* Solid-State RF Amplifier
* Machined RF Cavity Resonator

Research Fellowship @ CalTech NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory:
* Rebuilt mercury ion trap frequency standard for NASA Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC) project
* Identified, remedied numerous engineering challenges to full operation of mercury charging testbed
* Assembled ultra-high vacuum plumbing manifold for the DSAC mercury charging station
Harvard College

Harvard College

B.A. Physics Sep 2007 - Dec 2012


Sanjeev Singh recommended Prime Lightworks Inc. where Kyle is Co-Founder

I am very excited by what Prime Lightworks is doing. Very few companies have the potential to revolutionize spaceflight while also changing our understanding of the laws of physics at the same time. As one of the first investors in Prime Lightworks, I have watched Kyle and the team make careful and meticulous progress over the past few years and look forward to continued great execution.

DC Palter Marketing at Appsurify recommended Prime Lightworks Inc. where Kyle is Co-Founder

I was a mentor at the Cleantech Open program where Prime Lightworks was one of the finalists. The company was lightyears ahead of most of the other companies in the program. Once they prove the technology works and finalize the design, they will quickly entirely replace the existing propellant-based thrusters.

Emily Reichert Advisor at Prime Lightworks Inc. recommended Prime Lightworks Inc. where Kyle is Co-Founder

Prime Lightworks is committed to eliminating fuel emissions from space propulsion. Since joining Greentown Labs, they have demonstrated consistent growth from initial conception to prototype and customer development. I believe their fully electric propulsion technology has the potential to enable renewable and sustainable space transportation throughout our solar system and beyond.

Emily Reichert
CEO, Greentown Labs

Ben Lynett recommended Prime Lightworks Inc. where Kyle is Co-Founder

We invested in Prime Lightworks in 2016 and we continue to be strong believers in the team and their mission to commercialize electric propulsion technology in space. The team has made significant progress on the technology since our initial investment. Additionally, Kyle is a remarkable entrepreneur and operator.

We are more confident than ever that this is the right team to make electric propulsion a reality. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Prime Lightworks during the years ahead.

Ben Lynett
Lynett Capital

Dale Moss recommended Prime Lightworks Inc. where Kyle is Co-Founder

Kyle and his team not only see the future but are building the mechanisms to get there in real time.

Joe Rife Lecturer at MIT recommended Prime Lightworks Inc. where Kyle is Co-Founder

I work at Greentown Labs with Prime Lightworks in my role as Executive in Residence. Kyle is a regular attendee at my CEO Dinner. This is a well structured startup with good management and vision making excellent progress. Strongly recommended.

Johnny Bowman recommended Prime Lightworks Inc. where Kyle is Co-Founder

If there is one startup I think can and will change the course of travel and energy, it is Prime Lightworks. I've known Kyle for the last 8 years. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for Prime Lightworks to enter the world for the last two.

- John Bowman
Chief Financial and Operating Officer