Funds up to $20k per team
Takes 1-6% equity
Markets Hardware Mobile Robotics Web Internet 1 more
We have the formula for helping entrepreneurs to build successful companies:
$20,000 + Mentoring + Basics of Business + Networking

We are looking for entrepreneurs in the following spaces:

Technology - [ex: data, SAAS, healthcare software, security, storage]
Internet - [ex: e-commerce, gaming, advertising, social networking, media, search, enabling tech]
Mobile - [ex : applications, communications, gaming, monetization]
Hardware/Robotics - [ex : disruptive hardware, manufacturing, innovations]

Comprised of 2-3 co-founders.
Able to devote 100% to starting a business
Ready to relocate to Cleveland during the program
For more information, contact


Bob Means Ageless Educator, innovator
Katie Connelly Babl social media writer; LaunchHouse Dir. of Entrepreneurial Programming