Funds $20k per team
Takes 6-9% equity
Funds 10 startups per year
Markets Hardware Internet of Things Logistics/Supply Chain Manufacturing Software Development 7 more
The LaunchHouse Accelerator (LHX) is an intense, four-month program that is focused on investment, mentorship and getting you to market as quickly as possible. This year we have expanded our investment focus. We are looking for broad-based technology companies in hardware, iOT, components, wearable tech, robotics, embedded devices, software, etc... We are one of the few Accelerators who will accept early stage ideas. In the wise words of Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”

You will be notified by July 19 regarding if your team made the next round of evaluation. Should your team be selected, you will be asked to come to Cleveland for our 2DAYdiscovery. Please hold the dates of August 19 – 20. It is highly recommended that you try to attend, should your team be selected. We want to meet you! We invest in people as much as ideas.


Bob Means Ageless Educator, innovator
Katie Connelly Babl social media writer; LaunchHouse Dir. of Entrepreneurial Programming