Layne Jackson Hubbard

Layne Jackson Hubbard

Former foster kid. Triple PhD student in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, & Neuroscience.
General Engineer • Back End Dev
Boulder, US
  • Accessibility
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Child Development
  • Cognitive Science
  • Engineering
  • Human-computer Interaction
  • Neuroscience
  • Python
  • User-centered Design

Director @MindScribe • Co-Founder

Tactile technologies for early childhood empowerment

Mar '16 - Present (4 years 11 months)

University of Colorado

Computer Science PhD Student @University of Colorado • Employee

Colorado's premier teaching and research university system

Aug '15 - Present (5 years 6 months)

Graphiq, Inc.

Data Engineer @Graphiq, Inc.

Jun '14 - Aug '15 (1 year 2 months)


UX Lead @TakeBack • Co-Founder

Helping people identify, share, & solve problems in their community spaces

Jun '13 - Jun '14 (1 year)

Children's House Preschool

Preschool Teacher @Children's House Preschool

Aug '07 - May '11 (3 years 9 months)

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Boulder

PhD in Cognitive & Computer Science Aug 2015 - Present

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Boulder

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science 2012 - 2015


Andre Spivey CEO at Live 2 Learn Differently Inc

Layne had the qualifications abd creative to do something amazing within the early education world.MindScribe is an awesome idea and start-up and it will serve children whom need it most.

Richard Han recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Layne Hubbard exhibits a terrific entrepreneurial mindset and a strikingly empathetic set of values, all while simultaneously being an excellent computer scientist. As her computer science professor for both a computer systems course as well as a startup essentials course, I have been incredibly impressed both by Layne's commitment to others, which I observed through her focus on a non-profit community-oriented entrepreneurial project (all other projects were profit-based), as well as Layne's commitment to technical excellence, when she was among the best in mastering the difficult concepts of the computer systems class. Layne is highly motivated, yet generous with her time. I recommend Layne with the highest praise.

Robert Werthman recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

As a colleague of Layne Hubbard's, I can attest to her unwavering motivation to be successful in anything she does. What is unique is that her pursuit of success is not selfish and as long as I have known she has strived to contribute only beneficial things to the world. She cares deeply about the experiences of others and only wishes to improve our collective quality of life. She has first-hand experience teaching underserved children, and in my mind there is no doubt that she has the emotional and intellectual intelligence to make MindScribe succeed and to help the children who need it most. I firmly believe we need more people like Layne Hubbard and more programs like MindScribe to help people make the world a better place.

Richard Han recommended TakeBack where Layne is Co-Founder

I am happy to enthusiastically recommend Layne Hubbard and her startup TakeBack. Layne was part of a team that performed extremely well in our Computer Science Department's Startup Essentials course this past Spring 2014, earning an A. TakeBack is working on a promising concept that seeks to engender social impact by assisting people in reporting problems within their community and/or business by taking and submitting photos. Her startup idea was just featured on the Web site! Layne was a strong and positive leader for TakeBack’s team. TakeBack has promisingly evolved their business model to sell information that they learn about what is or is not working for a particular business/community back to that entity. Layne and her team are highly skilled Computer Scientists who are well-positioned to become successful technical co-founders. They're highly qualified for this program, having been educated in Lean Startup methodology. I strongly recommend her and her team.

Mystery Murphy recommended TakeBack where Layne is Co-Founder

I got to know Layne as she led the TakeBack team through the NVC. One thing that was always clear was that Layne and the TakeBack team were deeply committed to taking as much as they could away from the experience. Not only would they come to every workshop, but they would stay afterwards, discussing what they had just learned and applying it to their own company. This type of dedication to learning is a necessary component of building a business and the TakeBack team demonstrates this on a totally different level than I saw from any of the other students in the NVC. While I would recommend TakeBack solely on their work ethic and professionalism, this team also really stands out because of their dedication to using technology to solve social problems in unique ways. TakeBack's combination of dedication to learning and dedication to social innovation have the potential to be massively impactful and they are exactly the type of team CU should get behind.

Nikolaus Correll CEO at Robotic Materials Inc. recommended TakeBack where Layne is Co-Founder

This is a great idea that might not only make a lasting impact on communities, but also has tremendous valorization potential, creating new opportunities for services, real estate valuation, and retail businesses among other, yet emerging, opportunities.

Daniel Zacek Founder at Startup Services recommended TakeBack where Layne is Co-Founder

I've known Layne for several years since she taught our daughter in preschool. She has always impressed me with her deep commitment to whatever she does. Her impact and contribution to projects at CU has been very impressive. With her passion and determination, I think TakeBack can be a great tool for both individuals and businesses to improve their communities.

Sriram Sankaranarayanan Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Colorado recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

This is a highly enthusiastic recommendation for Layne Hubbard. I am a professor of computer science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have known Layne for nearly a year now as a student in my theory of computation class and through my interactions with her outside the class. I have encountered nearly a thousand students during my time at CU Boulder, and Layne stands out as an extraordinary student for her sheer dedication to her work, and her ability to ask interesting questions. I still recall one of her questions concerning computational complexity classes and the cognitive complexity of games for children. Questions of this sort are extremely interesting and in my experience, it takes an extraordinary amount of insight to be able to ask them. I believe that these qualities will make Layne very successful with MindScribe, where she brings her experience in many fields including neuroscience, computer science and her background in early childhood education.

Ken Anderson Associate Professor at University of Colorado recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for MindScribe and Layne Hubbard. I first met Layne when she enrolled in a new degree program that I helped to create at CU, the BA in Computer Science. This degree allow students to be double majors, combining their interest in computer science with other disciplines. In Layne's case, she combined neuroscience with computer science and was one of our first graduates. I had never met a student who was in such complete control of her own education and I was impressed. Layne went on to acquire industry experience before coming back to CU as a PhD student of Tom Yeh working on topics related to human-centered computing and children. Thus, Layne combines both practical industry experience with an ability to perform research. Given her extensive experience in early childhood education, she has the perfect background for a company like MindScribe. Layne has the skills and knowledge she needs to be successful and she has my highest recommendation.

Gabe Johnson CTO at Blank Slate Systems recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

When I taught computer science, Layne Hubbard was one of those students who I could depend on to elevate the level of discourse in the class. She showed an astounding level of leadership not only by helping fellow students, but also helping me to correct mistakes and pointing out areas where I could communicate more clearly.

As a teacher I can't understate the value of this kind of feedback. Typical students, when faced with difficult learning situations, tend to revert to a state of "this is hard, I'm just not getting it" and remain quiet. Layne is different. On those rare occasions where she doesn't understand something, she has the temerity to dig in, ask, and stick with the challenge until she completely owns it. She made me a better teacher.

She does not back down when the going gets rough. That, paired with her background in early childhood education and technical skills from computer science, tell me she is uniquely positioned to take on this new challenge.

Clayton Lewis Advisor at Actimator recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

This is a wonderful idea, from a person with the experience, insight, and capability to make it work. As brought out in Alison Gopnik's "The Philosophical Baby: What Children's Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life," and other work, young children think about a lot of things, more than often appears on the surface. Helping them to communicate, and understanding what they say, will be very valuable.

Michael Hess recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Having worked with Lanye closely in a full-time professional environment at Graphiq, I can confidently recommend joining the team at MindScribe. She's is one of the most thoughtful and passionate people I've ever met. Her ability to connect with people at an individual level was inspiring, which makes me feel like this project is a perfect fit for her skills and experience. I know she's going to give it her all, and I can't wait to see what comes out of MIndScribe as a result!

Tomasz Miaskiewicz Special Appointment Instructor at Colorado State University recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Layne Hubbard. Layne was a student in the User-Centered Design class that I previously taught at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As part of the class, students proposed an idea for a website or application, conducted the necessary user research, created user personas, proposed an initial design direction, developed a prototype, and conducted user testing. Layne was part of a team that designed an application for identifying, sharing, and solving physical challenges in one's community. Layne continued working on the application beyond the semester and won a prize at the New Venture Challenge startup competition. Given Layne’s intelligence, perseverance, and design ability, I am certain that she will also be highly successful with MindScribe.

Mark Carvalho, MD Vice President of External Relations at Kaiser Permanente recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Layne is an incredibly bright, articulate, compassionate scientist, with an authentic, spirited connection to children. Layne exudes passion for her work, always focused on ways to create value and enrichment for society. Her vision to apply cutting edge computer technology to enable and democratize early childhood development has really captured my own imagination. I have no doubt that Layne will be successful as she follows her passion.

Qiao Meng recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Layne Hubbard is the most enthusiastic and creative person I ever worked with. She is full of ideas and passions about her job. When we were a team researching on an extremely strange bug of an industry leading software, she provided a unique but precise vision on the problem and showed great capability of abstracting and presenting difficult concepts in a keen manner. I love the idea of MindScribe and believe Layne and MindScribe will achieve a great success.

Nate Beard recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

I met Layne years ago when she was doing her first startup and have seen her grow and learn at an insane pace since then. Her track record and technical capabilities combined with her self-awareness and vision is evidence in my mind that she will hack a way to a viable solution with an awesome team. I'm so excited to see Layne and her team dive into this problem and can't think of a better person to improve and expand appropriate education systems for future generations.

Ben Shapiro recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

I am delighted to recommend MindScribe for mentoring and funding. Layne and Alea are highly motivated, and have substantial relevant expertise in child development and computer science. They are both students in a university course I am teaching on K12 Computer Science education and have strongly impressed me. -- Ben Shapiro, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder.

kirsten w recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

I first met Layne Hubbard when my eldest son began preschool in early 2008. She was certainly one of the teachers he felt very comfortable around and he talked about her over the years of preschool as a friend and wonderful teacher. We hired Layne during the summers to take our son for little adventures in town, usually nature hikes with other children, or educational excursions. She organized these and planned the activities for the children. She is responsible, dependable and most of all, fun. When she interacts with children, she has skills that honor their intelligence and perception. As a parent, I felt so fortunate that we had met her. She is a champion of the youth and her new endeavors with MindScribe will surely be successful with her involvement. She is a person that accomplishes in a very meaningful way leaving those with whom she interacts inspired and warmed by her attitude. Thanks for the opportunity to recommend her.
Sincerely, Kirsten Wood

Wyatt Ryder recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Layne is, without a doubt, the smartest and hardest-working individual I've ever met. In my time with her at the University of Colorado, I had the honor of serving with her on the Finance Board, a committee overseeing a $23 million student fee budget, in addition to watching her make change across campus in her position as the Director of Academic Affairs for our Student Government. Layne was well-known for her personal academic achievements and is someone who I have complete confidence in to make positive change in the world. In my time with her I saw firsthand her dedication and caring spirit as she served in a public position. I'm so honored to know such a confident, intelligent, and caring individual, and wish her all the best in her new endeavors.

Chris Schaefbauer Research assistant at University of Colorado recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Having worked with Layne for a number of years, I am confident that she and her co-founders will realize the vision that they have set forth with MindScribe. Layne has an extraordinary combination of determination, curiosity, leadership, and passion, which, when combined with her technical skills and knowledge in childhood development, make her the ideal person to lead MindScribe. She can always be trusted to get the job done, no matter how difficult the task. And while many new technologies perpetuate or exacerbate inequities, MindScribe challenges them by using computing to increase access to expertise and participation. I wholeheartedly endorse Layne and MindScribe.

Jeff Kandel recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Layne and I worked together at Graphiq, before she left :(. It's great to see Layne working on a project that is inline with her core values: helping children, developing tech, and understanding the mind. She's motivated and I have no doubt that she will be motivated to do great things on MindScribe. She's positioned greatly to help out the under-served, because she cares deeply about inequalities, understands the issues, and has the technical expertise to do something about it. There's a TedTalk from Simon Sinke, in which he says that people don't care about what you do, they care about why you do it, and I think Layne does a great job explaining why they're doing what they're doing, and because of this, she can champion MindScribe. Now I won't pretend like I know much about this Vygotsky fellow (early childhood development psychologist) that she's always talking about, nor can I pronounce his name, but Layne does, and I think with her passion & research, MindScribe will be a success.

Ivgeni Segal Senior Lead Software Architect at Graphiq Inc. recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

One of my best memories of Layne while she worked with us at Graphiq engineering was when she presented her findings on a complex bug within MySQL source code. The fix is now part of official MySQL distributions. Her strengths don't stop at her technical merit. For example, she was not part of our Devops group, but she was always there to help tackle any production issues that required collaboration of multiple groups. She is a clear communicator, presenter and most importantly networker. She can walk into a room full of strangers and leave knowing everyone. I have a high degree of confidence that Layne has what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and build a highly valuable product.

Jen Swezey recommended MindScribe where Layne is Co-Founder

Layne and I worked together as preschool teachers for 3 years. Layne's innovative idea to take the practice of scribing children's artwork stories to create MindScribe can be an important tool and support for caregiving teams. It is no surprise to me that Layne has taken her preschool experience and combined it with her computer and neuroscience science studies to create this product. It is with great confidence that I recommend Layne and MindScribe.
-Jennifer Swezey, Preschool Teacher, Mother.

Albert Chu Managing Partner at Poppyseed LLC recommended TakeBack where Layne is Co-Founder

TakeBack is an app concept embodies the long tradition (dating back to the Magna Carta) of the commons—the shared management of a resource by many. It brings people together to identify, share and solve problems in their community spaces. Through TakeBack, we can harness today's technology to create a commons approach to solving community and business problems—this can be a seminal app. I met with Layne and her team and I know their commitment to make TakeBack a reality; the motivation stems from Layne's experience in living in Detroit, where the citizens had to "take back" local government to solve community problems. This TakeBack approach to commons may very well become a viral movement as more communities find that they need to "take back" to solve their community problems. A very seminal project for CatalyzeCU to take on.