Startup Next Seattle Fall 2014
Startup Next Seattle Fall 2014 Startup Next is the #1 startup pre-accelerator in the world


Scott West
Scott West



Sabrina Parsons

Anna is a passionate entrepreneur looking to make a difference in the world. She is focused on building her business the right way - research, talking to potential customers, understand the opportunity, and planning for the right revenue model. I love the vision and am so glad to have net Anna and be introduced to the Leave Logic Concept.

Maria Dykstra Advisor at Teabook

Anna is a true leader and visionary. I find her enthusiasm, passion and dedication both inspiring and motivating. She brings amazing organizational skills and ability to rally people around her vision - which is an important trait for anyone running a growing company.

Anna is a connector and a technologist. She is able to navigate the network to identify the right partners, solutions and technologies to keep moving forward. I constantly learn from Anna: she is always in the know about the new innovating approaches to streamlining business and making connections.

I've been also impressed with her ability to listen and reflect. She is tuned into the market, issues facing her core audiences, and user feedback - she is not afraid to pivot until she finds the right market fit.

I believe Anna possesses all of the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and inspiring spokesperson.