Leonardo Maria Pedretti

Leonardo Maria Pedretti

Lawyer, Smart Contracts specialist, Ethereum Italy founder
Roma, Italy
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Payment Systems
Inspheer Srl

Co-founder and CEO @Inspheer Srl • Co-Founder

Riding the blockchain technology since 2013

Amazing things Leonardo Maria's made
I'm an attorney and I'm focused, since my graduation in Law in 2010, in interaction and effects between financial law and computer science. I've co-founded first Bitcoin meetup in Italy. I'm the founder and admininistrator of Ethereum Italy (meetup, website etc.) . I built one of the first Italian mining farm of Bitcoin and Litecoin. I do consulting for Holytransaction.com (a cryptocyrrencies wallet service).

Raffaele Mauro Member of the Executive Committee at Global Shapers recommended Inspheer Srl where Leonardo Maria is Co-Founder

Leonardo has a unique combination of legal, technical and leadership skills.
He is now running the Italian node of the international Ethereum network, a new project that could revolutionize financial and civic innovation.
Leonardo is also an expert in blockchain technologies, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and more generally payment technologies.
I would definitively recommend him for taking entrepreneurial and leadership roles for new projects at the intersection of law, finance and technology.

Mihai Alisie recommended Inspheer Srl where Leonardo Maria is Co-Founder

I've come to know Leonardo through Ethereum. He is the one of the main pillars of the Italian Ethereum community, and we're lucky to have him as part of our community!

He has proven to be an incredible team player and all around nice guy, while helping with the translation of various technical documents.

During our interactions he has shown a deep understanding of blockchain technologies in general (Bitcoin/Ethereum) and a solid grasp of payment systems - both fiat and cryptocurrency.

I wish him all the best in his projects and I think he has the right mix of qualities to make them happen - positive attitude, intelligence, patience and perseverance.

Mihai Alisie
Ethereum Co-Founder