Seed Round
$500K target
9% equity
$5M pre-money
Saas. Government contracts made simple and corruption-free....
Saas. Government contracts made simple and corruption-free.
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I've worked with Oscar for several years at Rappi in multiple critical projects. He's a dedicated, knowledgeable and curious engineer, always seeking to find creative solutions to difficult challenges that can generate business impact.
Licimatic is a great example of the potential for technology to modernize politics and governmental public tenders through transparency.

I had the opportunity to work with Andrés, he is an excellent leader, committed with his company and always willing to give the extra mile. He knows how to lead a group in order to achieve goals.
Licimatic is an excellent bet to allow the participation needed in order to make it hard for corruption, their tender notification system is versatile and allows every company to easily filter the tenders of interest.

I have known Oscar for several years. We have worked at Rappi for several years on multifunctional projects, the one on the part of the product and myself on the part of the business, achieving very good results and moving the needle in everything we propose. Likewise, I think that Licimatic is a great bet to change the market, democratizing access to tenders and making them transparent and generating fair play.

I've been closely following the progress and evolution of Nicolás, and the Licimatic team for a while, they are tackling an important problem between the private sector and the government which relies on trust and transparency. For decades, corruption has been a systematic issue across nations and industries that hasn't been solved, part of it has been due to the lack of access to information and visibility. Nicolás approach to tackling the problem from the inside is going to enable a more inclusive process for companies worldwide to licit with governments, from there, at least, with an informed public, a more healthy competition could change the dynamics. The Licimatic team is also very recursive and they have been able to overtake significant obstacles.