Peter Cortle


Christopher Felder Co-Founder at Hollr

I wholeheartedly recommend Life Changing Labs to anyone with an entrepreneurial passion.

Aaron Walls Co-Founder at BrewJacket

I've known Gideon since the spring of 2014 and have spoken with him at length about his entrepreneurial past and aspirations for the future with his MBA from Johnson. Gideon is a very driven and thorough individual with years of experience in the startup world on the left coast. His startup experience, personal life goals in entrepreneurship, and the steps he is now taking at Johnson to achieve those make him an idea candidate for the LCL position. I know LCL is growing very fast, and having someone like Gideon guiding teams on the ground level is what I believe is needed for the continued success of LCL. We need more startup/entrepreneurship focused MBAs like Gideon!