Adam Kelson

Lily&Strum hits it outs of park. It has helped me find the perfect gift on multiple occasions and made the gifting process completely stress free. I have compete confidence that it can help me find an interesting and special gift even for the toughest members of my family to please.

Paul Burke CEO at Little Helper

Lily&Strum is the only gift management service I know of that's thinking about the experience and delivering value from the end user's perspective.

Removing the requirement of the affiliates to generate revenue and tying in a helper network to set up and delver the perfect moment is a way more thoughtful way to handle give management.

They've also helped me out of a couple jams recently with great recommendations and just the right amount of "nagging."

Francis Pedraza

Lily & Strum is the first gifting startup since Karma that has the team, model, and vision to make all of our friends, family, and significant others LOVE US for our THOUGHTFULNESS and TASTE!