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Lorrana Scarpioni

CEO and co-founder of Bliive, Bachelor in Law and Public Relations; Global Agenda Council from World Economic Forum and MIT TR35 winner
Sales/Bus Dev • Marketing
Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Sharing Economy
  • Community Development
  • Entrepreneur
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales Management

CEO • Co-Founder

Bliive is the world's largest collaborative network of time exchange.

CEO @Bliive. • Co-Founder

The world's largest collaborative platform of time exchange

AIESEC • Employee


UNICURITIBA - Centro Universitário Curitiba


Graduated 2013


Claudia Massei CEO* Excellence Program Associate at Siemens recommended where Lorrana is Co-Founder

Bliive is revolutionizing the way people think about sharing their skills and acquiring new ones. It is based on the principle of treating time in a very democratic way when it comes to hobbies/free time: basically, everyone's hour is worth the same.

For companies, Bliive contributes to bringing their employees closer, enhancing the unity of the personnel and the sense of belonging to the company's community. The platform allows employees not only to learn about interesting facts and more personal characteristics of their colleagues, but also to take advantage of those and learn something new (a new skill, for example). Learning something from someone else is always a bonding experience in its own way. This is very impactful and certainly makes people more emotionally tied to their co-workers and, ultimately, more engaged with the company overall.