Luis Sarmento

Luis Sarmento

Applied Computer Scientist. Machine Learning, AI. 15 yrs experience in building NLP, Inf. Extraction and Search systems. Coder. Tech Mentor.
Back End Dev • General Engineer
Porto, Portugal
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Backend
  • Big Data
  • Computer Science
  • Databases
  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematics
  • People Management
  • Python
  • Science
  • Scientific Computing
Tonic App

CTO @Tonic App • Employee

The professional mobile app of all medical doctors

Jun '17 - Present (2 years 11 months)


Applied Scientist (+Mngr) @Amazon

Nov '12 - Jan '17 (4 years 2 months)

Portugal Telecom

Applied Science Lead @Portugal Telecom

Aug '10 - Aug '12 (2 years)

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Assistant Professor @Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Sep '10 - Jul '11 (10 months)

Fundação Computação Cientifica Nacional

Research Scientist @Fundação Computação Cientifica Nacional

Sep '02 - Aug '06 (3 years 11 months)

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Assistant Professor @Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Jun '04 - Jul '06 (2 years 1 month)

Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Centro Regional do Porto

Assistant Professor @Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Centro Regional do Porto

Sep '99 - Jul '02 (2 years 10 months)

Materia Organica Multimedia

Engineer @Materia Organica Multimedia

Jan '01 - Dec '01 (11 months)

Amazing things Luis's made
There a few features at website whose algorithms were created by me or by my team, including several query rewriting mechanisms (e.g. to generalize queries), query classification and redirection mechanisms, automatic layout adaptions (impact of several hundred million USD). For voice shopping (Alexa) I contributed with algorithms to detect the complexity of the request made by the customer so as to respond appropriately in accordance to that complexity. At Portugal Telecom, I lead the team in building probably the first Big-Data Analytics framework in industry in Portugal, which was then used to power a TV recommender system for the major cable network. This work was considered pioneering and is still a reference in Portugal.
At Fundação Computação Cientifica I began building (and then lead a team in expanding it) the first linguistic analysis tool running on the web which assisted hundreds of students and professionals in building terminological resources from corpora.
Universidade do Porto

Universidade do Porto

Phd Computer Science Jan 2006 - Dec 2010

Universidade do Porto

Universidade do Porto

Msc Artificial Intelligence Sep 2000 - Aug 2004

Universidade do Porto

Universidade do Porto

Electrical Engineerins (Bsc+Msc) Sep 1994 - Jul 1999


Daniela Braga Director of Data Science and Crowdsourcing at VoiceBox Technologies

I know Luis Sarmento for many years. He combines a unique mix of Computer Science, NLP and Data Science background. He is a seasoned and respected researcher in the field of Natural Language Processing and Data Science, with an impressive resume in academia and industry, together with an international track record that includes Google and Amazon. His passion and drive were always inspiring to me, as well as his competence and creativity when approaching problems. His latest achievements at Amazon make him an outstanding addition to any C-level team or leadership role.

Nuno Arantes-Oliveira Chairman at Coimbra Genomics recommended Tonic App where Luis is Employee

I have known Tonic and its CEO Daniela since I was in a panel that evaluated their application to a seed VC financing, and I have been following their path ever since. The panel decided favorably, to a large extent due to Daniela’s obvious capacity to lead, her intelligence and her vision. This, together with Tonic’s innovative approach to communication between MDs and the Company’s track record so far, leads me to strongly recomment the project and its team to any startup program they may apply to. Any program will gain by having Daniela and Tonic App.

David Cristina Member Board of Directors at Lymphact recommended Tonic App where Luis is Employee

Tonic app is a great company addressing a clear need. The team is among the best I've had the good fortune of working with. I firmly believe in their product.