Aimee Muirnin Dunne

Dawn and her team at Made for Freedom are some of the most tenacious entrepreneurs I know. Dawn's passion for her cause paired with the knowledge she's acquired about running a business has allowed MFF to grow, gain funding traction, and reach new audiences. I admire the venture's goal of impacting a social good within the traditional for-profit framework, and never shying away from telling you exactly why that is good business!
I first met Dawn two years ago at a business seminar, and to see her now and what she's made of MFF is just the best kind of startup story. She has made excellent use of the resources available and has created opportunities for herself and her team. Her hard work has inspired other aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same, impacting her customers, employees, the economic development in St Louis and the social enterprise movement at large. She has created not only a business, but movement!