We developed a smartwatch app that allows users to operate their smart tv using simple hand gestures....
We developed a smartwatch app that allows users to operate their smart tv using simple hand gestures.
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Lichay (Lee) Cohen
Lichay (Lee) Cohen CEO 27 years old, 6 years in the military as an officer. Love challenges, study languages, extreme sports and travels


Tibor Kramer
Venture and Accelerator Partner, BSH Home Appliances Group

Magicho joined our BSH Future Home Accelerator 2020 in Munich (BSH stands for Bosch Siemens Home Appliances). The team is razor- sharply focussed on execution - it is really great to see how fast they develop and iterate! I highly recommend the team!

Odi Dahan
Head of Tel-Aviv Innovation Lab, Husqvarna Group

I worked with Magicho team in the past year as a mentor. We had many meeting in which I discovered a highly motivated team with the right blend of skills and talents. I was very impressed by the founding team's capability to evolve their solution as more and more market inputs were collected. I believe that their point-to-control technology is unique and has a great product-market fit. I'm confident that this promising company has great potential to become a market leader with huge business.

The Magicho team is composed of excellent founders. During our accelerator they are showing a lot of adaptation skills, grit and ambition. Lee, Michael and Tami get stuff done fast and are a pleasure to work with. Magicho has evolved a lot during the last two months and I can see progress being made every day!

Behind Magicho lies an amazing and fun team! These three individuals are unique, motivated, and more than capable of executing and turning their vision into a reality. Go Magicho!

Magicho is a SigmaLabs Alumni! Highly motivated, hard working team with great future ahead!