Manish Khorgade

Manish Khorgade

I'm Co founder at
Product • General Engineer
Pune, India
  • Product Management
  • Technical Architecture

CTO @Knowlphin • Co-Founder

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I'm responsible for the website and its features. I look at the technical aspects of the website. @Halltickt • Co-Founder

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Amazing things Manish's made
While working with Symantec, I built a big data application that made aggregated data per hash available for analysis from the tables containing billions of rows in a distributed environment. The challenge was to do it quickly enough to cater for the new incoming data with vast velocity. The application would also send only the changed attributes per hash to a distant server where it was made readily available to the consuming application.
MIT College of Engineering

MIT College of Engineering

Information Technology Sep 2001 - May 2005