Manvi Dhawan

Manvi Dhawan

1.Graduate, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay (2011-16) 2. Two years of experience in project management and system's engineering
Product • Operations
Mumbai, India
  • Agile Project Management
  • C++
  • Control
  • Microsoft Office
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Knowledge
  • Public Speaking
  • Testing
Manastu Space

Co-Founder @Manastu Space • Employee

Dec '16 - Present (4 years 6 months)

GTarang Energy Solutions

GTarang Energy Solutions • Co-Founder


Co-Founder @Vayuj • Co-Founder

Portable and Affordable Renewable Energy Based Power Generation Systems

Amazing things Manvi's made
I served as project manager of student satellite team of IIT Bombay for two years (2014-16). I joined the team as payload and controls engineer in the year 2013, to perform mission controls simulations. I along with my team built first satellite of IIT Bombay named 'Pratham' which was launched by ISRO on 26th Sept, 2016. This small satellite was developed to measure electron contect of ionosphere which will help in correcting millitary GPS signals and also a technology demonstration for Tsunami warning generation using satellite. The mission got recognition nationwide. The team efforts were appreciated not only in Maharashtra by the Governor but also by honorable prime minister, Narendra Modi on twitter. Also, the team has been invited by various other institutions globally to inspire and guide in executing such project of high accuracy and precision. Working in space sector helped me to realise the importance of quality of a product in its success.