Marc Leysen

Marc Leysen

Creative engineer, analytic & collaborative enthusiast, intuitive networker
General Engineer • General Business
Aalter, Belgium
  • Data Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Geospatial
  • GIS
  • Image Processing
  • Network Architecture
  • Project Planning
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Web Services

Toon Goedemé

I worked together with Marc in the TOBCAT and 3D4SURE projects and observed that Marc is a very creative, smart and hard-working engineer. He has a very nice idea for a revolutionary approach in mobile mapping, which I certainly support.

Luc Coopman

Marc approaches his goals in a very cautious and well thought-off manner, parmanently considering all posibilities and constraints. This apllies to the technical side of his initiative, as well as to the business aspects

Jean-Paul Malingreau

Marc has been working for me for many years in a research lab on remote sensing and radar signal analysis. He has a very curious and innovative mind; his work has often led to significant advances in data management and analysis. I strongly recommend him for any projet that has a "future of technology" component.