Marie-Esther DEGBELO

Marie-Esther DEGBELO

I am an anesthetist nurse working in pediatrician hospital, engaged, dynamic, funny, motivated, daring, convincing and caring with empathy
Sales/Bus Dev
Paris, France
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Founder @KOALOU • Co-Founder

KOALOU is an application which prepare children to the operating theatre

Amazing things Marie-Esther's made
In 2019, I created the prototype via Adobe XD and sold it to the first client without having the first website. It was very frightening at first, but I got courage to go further. And I started to visit on my free time a lot of hospitals.

I started a group on preoperative anxiety in my own hospital to gather surgeon, anaesthesiologist and nurses around the same table. I created video to sensitise the professionals on how to use electrical cars in the operating room.

I am also volunteering for the Red Cross, and I was elected the youngest member in the board at 25 years old. I was also chosen to be part of the youth commission of the International Federation of Red Cross for a four year mandate. I am still in charge of the international department as a governance body.