Mari Joller

Mari Joller

Repeat founder with experience building, scaling and selling AI-driven companies.
General Business • Product
New York City, US
  • Business Planning
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Sales/Bus Dev
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Team Building
  • Team Leadership
  • Technology Enablement
Snackable AI

CEO @Snackable AI • Co-Founder

Snackable AI makes audio discoverable and creates new listening experience


SNAZZ • Co-Founder

Tools built for businesses to unlock the potential of local events

Amazing things Mari's made
Scarlet, my previous startup, was a proactive intelligent assistant who whispered in your ear when she had something relevant to tell you. She was loved by 50,000 users who listened to her over 2 x day. Those users loved Scarlet so much that they wrote to "her" via the feedback window in Scarlet's mobile app, often to tell her how much joy she brought into their lives and sometimes telling her their deepest secrets and worries.