Mario Vigentini

Mario Vigentini

Developmental Educator
UI/UX Design • Marketing
Vailate, Italy
  • Disability
  • Graphic Design
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
Marioway Srl

Marioway Srl • Co-Founder

Marioway is an innovative hands-free, verticalizing, electric wheelchair.

Sara Wiinamäki recommended Marioway Srl where Mario is Co-Founder

I recommend Marioway because I believe that their project has the potential to change the world - for better.

I have never seen a wheelchair that can be used by ordinary people and by people with disabilities without seeing the difference between the users while riding it.

The thing that has mostly impressed me is that users are put at the same eye level to others. For a person that has stayed many years sat on a wheelchair (on average 80cm (31,5in) less of height than others) Marioway could be a life-changing device.