Marko Peterson

Marko Peterson

Passionate about telecommunication and exploring natural history. I master new skills quickly, always interested in new technologies.
General Business • Mobile Dev
Tartu, Estonia
  • Entrepreneur
  • GIS
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Communications
  • Operations Management
  • Team Building
  • Team Leadership
  • Technology Development

CTO @1oT • Co-Founder

Global Cellular Connectivity for IoT Device Makers

Amazing things Marko's made
My passion is technical engineering and building software and hardware projects. I have been involved with mobile and telecommunication services for 12 years. My background in computer science and electronics goes back almost 20 years. I am holding a Master of Science in ICT.

During my career I have built large number of B2B services and mobile applications software, but also been involved with government services and biodiversity informatics research group in the University of Tartu. I have helped building up companies like Fortumo, Messente, Mobi Lab - all successful companies co-founded by Mobi Solutions.

I have also built number of native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices for helping to identify local living organisms like birds, fish, amphibians etc.