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Mastercard’s philosophy has always been about choice: to enable consumers, merchants, governments and businesses to move digital value however, and whenever, they want. As we look at the future of payments, one thing is clear: digital assets are here to stay. In the last year, we’ve seen just how critical digital payments are to keep the global economy going and growing, and how enthusiastically people and businesses have embraced them. Digital currencies increasingly are becoming a part of everyday commerce, and we are committed to continuing to move the industry forward. The future is already here, and we’re ready for it. That’s exactly why Mastercard is expanding our network, products and programs to support and foster innovation in this space. As part of our award-winning Start Path program, we are looking to partner with transformative digital asset startups to collaborate and support early-stage founders on their fintech journey. The program will offer: - Bespoke access to Mastercard’s ecosystem of products, customers and partners, - Weekly events, workshops and feedback sessions with industry experts - Demo day with hundreds of Mastercard colleagues, and - Potential opportunities to integrate with proprietary Mastercard technology, such as our Blockchain network and APIs. Mastercard will evaluate its partnerships based on our guiding principles. The principled approach aims to ensure that payments innovation advances with adequate safeguards while giving people the opportunity to move money how they want, when they want. Do you have questions about the Mastercard Start Path program for Digital Asset and Currency solutions? Email us at: We are seeking opportunities to partner with emergent fintechs, in crypto — to push forward change and build the future of commerce together. Note: please only share NON-CONFIDENTIAL information in your application.

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Mastercard is committed to supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs. To deliver on this commitment, we must understand the makeup of entrepreneurs who apply to Start Path. The answers provided below will not affect the outcome of your application, and you may choose not to answer.

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