Funds $12k per team
Takes 0% equity
Funds 30 startups per year
Invests in Europe North America South America Asia Africa 5 more
Start Path Global is MasterCard's worldwide programme for innovative early stage companies from across the globe.

Since 2014 we have been working with an ever growing portfolio of early stage startups with unique solutions across fintech and commerce. Start Path Global is based on what has worked best for our portfolio of startups: more flexibility, more customization, and no distractions from your current business.

Key features of the programme:
* Six month virtual programme tailored to the individual needs of your company
* No need to move from your home location
* No equity taken up front (but an option to participate in your next round)
* Immediate access to 60+ MasterCard experts
* Connections to potential customers - global corporate brands spanning banking, retail, tech and telecoms
* Funds provided so that you have no out of pocket expenses

Start Path Global is designed for early stage companies:
* That have already raised investment
* That are looking for support to scale
* That are targeting the fintech and broader commerce space
* That can benefit from partnering with MasterCard and accessing our ecosystem

Key date:
* Pitch day 30th November & 1st December in Miami (we provide you support to travel)


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Brigid McKeown Programme Coordinator, MasterCard | Start Path
Kirk Donohoe Product Manager
MSP Admin MasterCard Start Path is a global effort to support innovative startups developing the next generation of commerce solutions today.
Steve Flinter Vice President, MasterCard Labs.European lead for MasterCard's Startup Engagement team and Start Path Accelerator.


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