Mathilde Jakobsen

Mathilde Jakobsen

Passionate entrepreneur on a mission to uncover the dirty secrets of the food industry and bring fairness and environment back into the game
Marketing • Sales/Bus Dev
Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Marketing
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Fresh.Land, digitising the food industry

CEO @Fresh.Land, digitising the food industry • Co-Founder

B2B marketplace shortening and digitizing the food supply chain

Amazing things Mathilde's made
In the early stage of Fresh.Land, we needed an outlet to test demand - so I built a street sales bike and went on the road to sell oranges. That's how we got our first customers, who btw. are still buying today, although the bike is of the past:

Kateryna Kochergina Buyer at Rolls-Royce recommended Fresh.Land, digitising the food industry where Mathilde is Co-Founder