Matmap has a skilled and resilient team working in an engaging field: recycling, reusing, and making use of leftover building materials. I had the opportunity to be a mentor of this startup and I strongly recommend working for, supporting or seeking synergies with it.
José M. Mateu (Associate Consultant in Tradigenia)

Great people and good opportunity.
MatMap has a committed team totally dedicated to the project. Focused on what their customers need and open to adapt their business model and offering when necessary.
The founders have complementary knowledges and skills, it is easy to work with them, improvements can be seen from meeting to meeting.
Relating the opportunity, the industry of construction materials is still looking to close the loop in the construction value chain.
Personally, I had the opportunity to mentor the team in the Climate KIC Accelerator program and I strongly believe that they have the capacity to take advantage of the chance your program can bring to them.

Luis Esteban Dominguez, Mentor of CKA program.