Matthias Brunner

Matthias Brunner

Dedicated to making the world a better place through understanding and innovation.
General Business • Operations
Stuttgart, Germany
  • Consulting
  • Internet of Things
  • Transportation
  • Food Safety
  • Research
  • Service Excellence
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Statistics
  • Supply Chain Optimization

LivingFoods@iBMB • Co-Founder

iBMB is launching LivingFoods, a new food managare for personal devices


CEO @Rosy • Co-Founder

Smart Traffic Management Tool For Cities

ci-book meets IoT

ci-book meets IoT • Co-Founder

tsenso GmbH

CEO @tsenso GmbH • Co-Founder

Digitizing the food industry with ourditial twins

Amazing things Matthias's made
In 2013, I founded my first startup for delivering high quality restaurant meals to consumers at home an in the office: (today something special)
While our customers (restaurants) enjoyed the extra income, we received very positive feed-back on our business, our web site, our reliable, immediate prediction of the arrival time and our no-minimum-order policy.

After one year we grow to have around 25 associated restaurants and 500 loyal customers in Stuttgart and an amazing team of 14 people. It is this vibrant team of engineers, sale reps and delivery drivers, that I am still proud of today. Eventually we were driven out of the market by foodora, due to their marketing budget not because of their quality of service.

Mirko Ross recommended Rosy where Matthias is Co-Founder

I know team behind Rosy since many years. Skilled Experts, Entrepreneurs and focused People. Good ahead! Show us Rosy disrupting traffic controls!

Seán J. Burke Leader at frontierCities recommended Rosy where Matthias is Co-Founder

Rosy is an innovative solution in the smart cities and smart transport space, with numerous avenues to commercialisation. We are excited to have Rosy in the frontierCities2 acceleration programme and look forward to seeing significant market uptake during the coming 12 months.

Olaf-Gerd Gemein Coordinator at SpeedUP! Europe FIWARE Accelerator recommended tsenso GmbH where Matthias is Co-Founder

Working with the team of tsenso, is a really good experience. Since 1 year, i have worked with them in different projects, and the results always exceed my expectations. Matthias and Rahul are extremely good engineers, and they work fast and efficient. I learned a lot and they always surprised me with pragmatic and feasible solutions. Further, as the mindset is very entrepreneurial, i expect to see them on the path of success also in terms of business development and internalisation. I highly recommend to work with this extraordinary Team.

Harald Sundmaeker recommended tsenso GmbH where Matthias is Co-Founder

tsenso and specifically Matthias and Rahul are passionate about solutions that will significantly facilitate transport and logistics. Especially last mile delivery and the exciting challenge of optimising transport of perishable goods that need to be cooled took their attention. With a vast amount and hands-on experience from delivery services and technology development they are now focusing on real-time monitoring of deliveries and optimising logistics processes that will help to safe costs and directly satisfy customer requirements.
We are working with tsenso with a background from the food sector and supporting them financially, stemming out of the EC funded FIWARE programme. The current results are very promising and we are looking forward to their next steps and installations!
Great experience to work with this excellent team!