Matt Laurie

Matt Laurie

Software engineering, rapid prototypes and proof of concepts
General Engineer • Back End Dev
Brisbane, Australia
  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Software
  • Java
  • Product Development
  • Software Design
  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Team Leadership
  • User Experience
Verbz - work faster on mobile

CTO @Verbz - work faster on mobile • Co-Founder

Voice first productivity app for professionals

ollo wearables

ollo wearables • Employee

Push to talk to anyone. Smart headsets for instant effortless communication

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


Niall Mccarthy recommended Verbz - work faster on mobile where Matt is Co-Founder

I’ve known Hugh for over 5 years within the startup community both in SF and Australia.

I’m a huge fan of Hugh's, i’ve followed his journey as a peer and friend through him building his previous companies, to his excellent and highly sought after mentoring ability.

As a founder, he has a very strong balance of skills between technical, product and sales. Hugh is always willing to share his learnings and insights to different problems he’s encountered and then solved.

As a mentor, his advice is always practical, logical and direct. He guides people with great humility and empathy which is often overlooked with mentors.

I’m excited to see where Hugh and his team take Verbz.

Niall Mccarthy recommended Verbz - work faster on mobile where Matt is Co-Founder

David Ryan CEO at Corilla (AU) recommended Verbz - work faster on mobile where Matt is Co-Founder

Sought after as a mentor, accomplished as a leader, and gifted as a team builder. Meet Hugh Geiger. We were first introduced in Australia, having watched him write the playbook in his previous company from inception through to acceleration and diving into the Silicon Valley growth machine.

Hugh's guidance as a mentor and friend has proved invaluable in my own journey. From fundraising to sales to organizational cadence, Hugh's mix of experience and analytic processes of evaluation is matched with formidable resilience and operational momentum. That mix of consideration and action makes for an interesting peer to sanity check strategy with. And a frequent check-in at that, being popular both with the Aussie Mafia in SF and his extended Techstars alumni group.

Crucially Hugh is just a "top guy" (which is high praise in the Australian parlance). Easy to work with, quick with candor and humor alike. One to work for, with, or alongside.

Ron Davis recommended Verbz - work faster on mobile where Matt is Co-Founder

I know Hugh Geiger very well (I first worked alongside him as another CEO in our Techstars cohort). Hugh is a cut above the rest. He's an outstanding, charismatic leader, a brilliant mind, a savvy businessman, and an all around good guy.

-Though sales is not his background, he is great at getting an audience, and he is the kind of person you want to please when you interact with him.

-The same can be said of those who work for him. He's hard working, enjoyable to be around, and knows how to move a team from point A to point B. These qualities make him an excellent leader.

-Hugh is also very smart, both in terms of his raw intellect and his understanding of markets, businesses, products, design, use cases, and the many distributed individual incentives involved in a sale.

Last, he's a top notch human being--good humored, good to work around, and ethical. I have been through Techstars and mentored other Techstars companies. He stands out as in the top tier among such amazing peers.

Andrey Shirben recommended ollo wearables where Matt is Employee

Great team, tackling a huge problem, having a unique vision.
Ollo's technology will save people's lives, so it's the one worthwhile fighting for.
I had the honor to be their first backer and work with Hugh & Ken closely and I will keep backing them until we'll nail this one!

John Fein Founder & Managing Director at Firebrand Ventures recommended ollo wearables where Matt is Employee

I give my highest recommendation to Ollo. They have spent considerable time developing and designing a product that serves a critical need for seniors and their families. They have basically re-invented the idea of how a cell phone looks and functions. The market need is obviously there - with a growing senior population and their desire to live independently, Ollo has a terrific product-market fit.

Finally, there's nothing more important than the team. Ollo has a seasoned team of passionate entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making lives better for seniors and their families. They listen to their users and will continue to optimize their product accordingly. I have no doubt they will succeed.