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Matt Pritchard

A dedicated designer, creative strategist and aspiring entrepreneur. I am motivated by creating compelling product experiences.
UI/UX Design • General Business
Reading, UK
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Storyboarding
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Team Leadership
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • User Interface Design
  • User-centered Design
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production

Junior Designer @Unilever Unconfirmed

Jul '15 - Present (1 year 11 months)

CDO @Mulalo • Co-Founder

A free app that uses personal insights to discover saving opportunities

Amazing things Matt's made
During my 2nd year of university while learning C programming I designed and built an infrared parking sensor which would relay the distance (in cm) on demand to an LCD screen. The system was embedded into a PICkit P18F45K20 Microchip.

I built this to be used to be used inside of a car as anti crash technology. Since the distance would be known to the nearest cm it would mean that the automatic breaking could be applied. In this instance we simulated the system in a toy car.

Linked is a video of my electronics partner and I testing the system.


Neil Smith recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

Great products address important problems that rarely change over time. The Mulalo team are doing just that. There’s a real lack of support for young people as they become independent and begin to take control of their financial lives. Most traditional financial products aren’t within reach or don’t correctly address their needs. Mulalo’s product will fill this gap. The passionate founding team not only understand this problem inside-out; they also understand what it’s going to take to reach and engage a millennial audience. I highly recommend the team at Mulalo.

Martin Leuw Founder at Growth4Good recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

As an investor and entrepreneur, I was really impressed by their pitch deck, which included not just their smart, compelling idea, but operationally how it would work, the economics and who their key competitors might be. Great perseverance and attention to detail. They are natural entrepreneurs with talent and they already stand out from their peers.

Matt Walsh Chartered Management Accountant at Audeo Accounting recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

A great idea that combines well established technology and systems in an innovative way. An incredibly simple system from the user’s perspective, allowing individuals to build up savings on a day to day basis whilst at the same time subtly adjusting spending behaviour and attitudes to money.

This could prove to be a very powerful approach to enabling people to manage their finances long term, without the need to consciously make short term decisions as this is fully automated.

The two founders are both very talented individuals, with a good balance between entrepreneurial spirit/creativity and steady, well informed decision making skills.

Tom Squire recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

What first struck me about the Mulalo team was their boundless enthusiasm and passion for their product; I was instantly hooked. They have managed to address a real world pervasive problem and create an elegant solution that is both user-friendly and deals with the issue of user engagement, which is reflected in their pitch video.

The fact that the central subject of savings, and therefore the target audience, is not location-specifc means that, from an investor perspective, the potential application of Mulalo is global.

This talented team has a clear plan of what needs to be done and has strong mentors guiding them. This is an exciting prospect and I look forward to following Mulalo's progress with great interest.

Jonathan Valente recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

As a Portfolio Manager at a renowned international hedge fund, what struck me about Mulalo is that it seamlessly integrates into people's spending habits. It has the potential to elevate people's lives by taking them from paycheck to paycheck living to a position where they are saving and planning for the future.

The possibility to then educate users on responsible investment and put their hard earned saving to work is exciting to say the least.

Michael Neale recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

This is a genuinely interesting idea. The guys at Mulalo have identified a real problem and have come up with what seems like a great solution for that problem. I like the elegance of the solution; the cost of living drives saving. I will be really interested to see how the guys develop their brand story in the future.

David Chapman recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

Personal financial management is a huge pain point for millions of young professionals.

Mulalo instantly stood out for me as a great idea. They are reinventing the way we save money by making the problem the solution. Making saving effortless. This could prove an ingenious and powerful approach to enable long term building of wealth without the constant thought process.

What really swept me is that I got the feeling that this was obvious - of course this is how we should be solving this problem.

You could spend hours thinking about the various iterations and applications for Mulalo. The upside potential of this app is limitless.

Very exciting future ahead.

Brad Knowles recommended Mulalo where Matt is Co-Founder

Working with the Mulalo guys has been great.

They are a very intelligent group of individuals who have created a unique brand and a product that will truly stand out in the market.

At every stage of our relationship I have found them to have lots of enthusiasm and drive as well as being organised, professional and calculated.

They really know their market and they are going to financially help people of all ages via this awesome app.