A social and hyperlocal platform dedicated to foodies and those who wish to follow them. A new visual way to catalog, map, rate and share dine out meal experiences - one that encourages virality around quality, trending and interesting food discoveries.

The platform will allow restaurants to connect with foodies in meaningful ways and also offer targeted, reward-based advertising....
A social and hyperlocal platform dedicated to foodies and those who wish to follow them. A new visual way to catalog, map, rate and share dine out meal experiences - one that encourages virality around quality, trending and interesting food discoveries.

The platform will allow restaurants to connect with foodies in meaningful ways and also offer targeted, reward-based advertising.
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Daniel Kirby

I think Mealate is a great idea. It will solve those endless arguments over where to eat, making it easier for everyone (couples?) particularly when visiting places you're unfamiliar with. I really like the idea of being able to see what foodies who are more enthusiastic than me have eaten. I also really like concept of having short, visual reviews. What annoys me about websites like Eatability is that you have to read so many long winded reviews before you can understand what each restaurant and its food is like. Good Luck!

Goldie Lui

Nicole is a highly motivated self-starter with a solid work ethic. In the past five years I have known her, she has always been confident and dependable in her activities and is committed to achieving success. Her current position as a PhD candidate has helped develop her excellent analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills, which would enable her to succeed in any business leadership role.

The prospective business concept of a social mobile app for dining and food enthusiasts is innovative and has great potential. With the ever-growing popularity of sharing dining experiences on social media, the successful development of this novel app could provide clear benefits for both consumers and businesses on a convenient and user-friendly platform. Personally, I would enjoy using such a convenient and social app, and thus highly recommend Nicole and Gemma for consideration in this program.

Sumita Barua

As a lover of food and an incredibly indecisive person, this seems like the perfect app, I can't believe it doesn't already exist!

Michael Kirby

I have been impressed by the strategic thought that has been have put into developing the concept for Mealate. I believe it caters to a substantial market and has the potential to be a highly superior solution to the existing competition. From what I have witnessed both co-founders, Gemma Ruting and Nicole Seebacher, have a strong relationship. Gemma's creativity compliments Nicole's analytical thinking, and together they form a well functioning team. I believe they would actively benefit from the mentoring and support offered by Incubate, and in turn valuably contribute to the University of Sydney's entrepreneurial circles.

Veena Gullapalli

I have known the co-founder, Gemma, for quite some time now and I have been lucky to have been privy to many of her creative endeavours. I envisage that this project will be a great fusion of her creative and professional abilities. I anticipate she will bring the same level of perfectionism and user-friendliness as she has with her previous projects.

I believe Mealate to be a very promising idea - it fills a niche ideal to, but not exclusive to, foodies. As a food-lover myself, I wish it was already available to download.

Alexandra Stacy

Having worked with Nicole for the past two years, I have seen for myself her drive and commitment to her work. She has the capacity to make the most of the opportunities that this funding would provide, as already she constantly strives to improve her impressive business acumen.
As a person who is interested in food, Mealate is an app that I would use regularly and it's hard to believe that it doesn't already exist. I look forward to using it in the future.

Sean Greenhalgh CEO at GetShift

Mealate is a fantastic idea that fills in a much needed gap between highly popularised food photography and the actual restaurants which serve the food. A tremendous amount of people can’t even start their meal without taking a picture of their meal and posting it to their favourite social networks, however often the restaurant and any reviews of the meal itself are lost in a disconnect between the photo and the restaurant.

Having previously worked with Nicole during her PhD there were many skills which she had acquired including project management, organisation and working to tight deadlines, all part of working in a high throughput and highly regarded cancer research lab. These are all skills which are required in any business as I can attest to, as the same skill-set has served me well in the start-ups I have been involved with.

Patric Jansson

As Nicole’s PhD supervisor, I have observed a highly motivated individual that will succeed in all areas she chooses to be involved in. She is innovative with great strategic and analytical thinking, and is able to solve complex problems. She has proven this by generating groundbreaking results, and scientific publications with high impact that has formed the framework for our international commercialization of cancer therapeutics.

Nicole constructs realistic research plans, time-lines and budgets and meets deadlines by being meticulously organized. Time and time again she demonstrates an extraordinary ability to analyse, interpret, and report scientific data with accuracy and attention to detail. Nicole is very receptive to advice, has excellent communication skills and she has been a great role model, teacher, mentor for students and staff in a high performing team environment. She has the character of a great leader and I can think of no better candidate for this business program.

Edward Red Tuxford

Mealate:a simple concept wrapped around a sensible twist, connecting the customers of a significant market in a new way. Marketing, design, technical expertise and proven results, in parallel areas; combined and balanced with passionate determined leadership.

Francesca Tang

Mealate is a great concept! I love the idea of sharing your dining experience with other like-minded people using photos and captions. Also being able to check in, rate your experience and follow your friends is a great way to use social media to promote the restaurants and food you love. As a food blogger, I would be able to find the latest restaurants to try out and research reviews on where to eat next. This will be especially useful for coeliacs as they could rate and upload their experiences with gluten free availability, gluten free knowledge of staff and cross contamination issues with other coeliacs. I look forward to the final product!

Kristy Agatka

When Gemma first told me about the concept of Mealate, I thought "why doesn't this already exist?"

I love looking at pictures of food. And it would be so much easier to know where to eat if I could choose a meal like how I flip through a cookbook.

I can't comment too much on Gemma's professional ability, however I can recommend her for being switched on. She picks up new skills quickly. She's always up for a challenge. She also has a great knack for motivating people (and a great sense of humour). I think she would make a strong business leader.

Fiona Lu

Gemma Ruting has a unique combination of skills that without a doubt, will drive her start up concept to success. With a passion for all things digital, she not only understands the technology, but the way people use it and how they use it. A natural at marketing, she understands the data and develops strategies to make social media work for her. This understanding of the arena combined with a strong graphic design sensibility means any project she undertakes will be thoroughly researched, and the final result thoughtfully designed.