Melinda Fox

Melinda Fox

Experienced fundraiser, strategist & social entrepreneur. Master generalist.
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Seattle, US
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CEO & Co-Founder @Tanji • Co-Founder

First app mobilizing audiences for women-centric film, TV & online content.

Business Development

Nov '10 - Sep '11 (10 months)

Amazing things Melinda's made
I co-founded the longest-running & permanently funded animal rights group at University of FL - a land grant agriculture school, AND got it locked into perpetual funding via the university. Organizers we trained in that group have gone to found amazing organizations, social ventures & creative projects today including: a farm animal sanctuary in FL, The National Museum of Animals & Society in LA, a new primate sanctuary called Project Chimps, an open-source volunteer-managment tool for advocacy organizations, and the pop-culture you-tube phenom, the ' Vegan Black Metal Chef'!

Also, I was aco-founding member of Girls Rock! DC A music & empowerment camp for girls in Washington, D.C. inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90's. Within my 5 years I tripled the fundraising efforts & led strategic partnerships with Eileen Fisher Co. & Guitar Center as an inaugural board member of the International Girls Rock Camp Alliance supporting camps around the world!
The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Arts

University of Florida, Gainesville

University of Florida, Gainesville


Rob Salkowitz Contributing writer, business of pop culture at Forbes

I've known Melinda for many years and have seen her in action as a dynamic and effective leader in various non-profit and arts organizations, and now as an entrepreneur. She is passionate about creating a platform that empowers women in the arts and has been refining the idea for a while now. Tanji is a great concept, uniquely connecting an audience and a creative community. I look froward to watching it grow and succeed.

Greta McAnany COO at Blue Fever

Melinda is a visionary who is using technology to solve a social problem that many have failed to address. Her work is not only progressive but has the potential to reach the masses in a way entertainment tech has not been able to before.

Emily Best CEO at Seed&Spark

I met Melinda at a panel in Seattle where she said she had an idea about an app. Her singular vision and focus has led her to co-found what I believe will be an essential solution in the content curation and ticket purchasing market moving forward. She is incredibly smart about building partnerships, seeking advice, and also utterly tenacious when it comes to building her company. It has been a pleasure to get to know her and I can't wait to say I knew her when!

Martina Welke Co-Founder at Zealyst recommended Tanji where Melinda is Co-Founder

I think what Tanji is building is brilliant. The creators of Tanji understand their target audience intimately, and they appreciate how underserved this segment of women and men is. Not only is Tanji well positioned to make significant social impact, but there is a huge business opportunity that has thus far been overlooked because it's off the radar of most other tech entrepreneurs. Amy, Anne, and Melinda have the vision, skills and network to make Tanji a fantastic success, and I look forward to being a dedicated customer and supporter.

Weldon Kennedy Advisor at Africa's Voices recommended Tanji where Melinda is Co-Founder

I worked with Melina at Amongst an excellent team she stood out as someone who was driven and strategic. I have no doubt she has the tenacity and vision to be a successful entrepreneur.

Susie Lee CEO and co-founder at SirenMobi recommended Tanji where Melinda is Co-Founder

Tanji is an important platform that consolidates women-centric content to promote and demonstrate the demand for more diversity in every aspect of media. The demand for this type of service is palpable, as clearly demonstrated in the Oscars 2016 brouhaha, as well as the non-stop examples of sexism at every level of the industry.

Emily Best CEO at Seed&Spark recommended Tanji where Melinda is Co-Founder

I had the pleasure of meeting Melinda when Tanji was known by another name and was still mostly a high concept. Watching Melinda and her co-founder over the last year move from idea to app, build powerful partnerships, heed good advice, and make data-driven decisions, I am very confident that they have found a unique and necessary solution inside a very hungry (and very large) market.