Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson

Intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, coach, strategist, and chocolatier. After 6 years in Russia coaching the disadvantaged I started Pairin
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Denver, US
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Skills-based career exploration, applicant selection and human development

Amazing things Michael's made
I ran product marketing and strategy for the 5th largest software company in the world. Over time, I convinced many in the company that our foundational product was not the future, as the market was changing, and we needed to put our efforts behind a new technology. When Eric Schmidt came to Novell he gave us a small set of resources to make it a business. Within three years, we grew that business from $0 to $250M. Novell's stock grew from $6 to $42, primarily due to our success. The suite was identity and security management products based on Novell's Directory Services. Many of those concepts are now foundational to Google's success.

I left to run strategy and marketing for a small CRM company named SalesLogix, a month before Eric went to run Google. The company was growing, but in disarray. Within one year we grew revenue from $43M to $106M. I predicted a market shift and convinced leadership to sell the company to SAGE Software for $260M in 2001.

Kara Blakey recommended Pairin where Michael is Co-Founder

The use of the Pairin methodology inside my classroom is paramount to the success of my students throughout the school year. By teaching my students the skills to effectively communicate, collaborate, think critically and creatively, I am able to introduce and solidify content in a more group focused and experiential way that both empowers the students and encourages autonomy. Teaching these skills alongside content, introduces students to new ways of taking in and applying information while simultaneously giving them skills that they will use throughout their education and into their careers. I have seen my students gain a new take on the learning process and find that they are able to demonstrate their knowledge and relate to the content in more purposeful and personal ways.

Scott Fast Executive Director of Accenture Foundation at Accenture recommended Pairin where Michael is Co-Founder

Pairin has been a very strong partner of educators, businesses, and economic development programs in the State of Colorado. They helped define the critical career readiness skills for students and then enhanced their solutions to measure and report on a student's skill level. These skills are critical to support a student as they complete their education and transition into the workforce.

Pairin's tools are easy to understand, easy to use, provide very meaningful information to students and teachers, and provide activities to improve a student's career readiness.

I have also found Pairin's solutions to be very valuable in helping businesses evaluate a jobseeker's skills and compare them with the skills that make an employee successful at a job and with a company. This helps improve the hiring process and increases the likelihood of hiring a successful new employee.

Joni Gale Kripal Advisor at Hatch Marketing Plans recommended Pairin where Michael is Co-Founder

I personally completed the assessment and received a comprehensive report as part of my due diligence as an investor. I was impressed with how insightful the result was given the ease of the process. I subsequently recommended Pairin be used to guide the recruiting, training and coaching of a highly specialized service and support role for a robotics company. The Pairin team was highly responsive throughout the process and the feedback received from the hiring team was very positive. In short, the science seems robust and the team expert in its application and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them again.