Michael Vander Sande

Michael Vander Sande

A new nonprofit - Our Mission is To Inspire Kids and our first program is Inspired Magazine - a remarkable magazine written 100% by Kids.
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Indianapolis, US
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Founder/President/Executive Director @InspiredKids • Co-Founder

Inspired Kids Mission ism - To Inspire Kids.


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Inspired Kids

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Amazing things Michael's made
As the interim CEO of the Women's Bass Fishing Association (WBFA), who at the time was the only professional women's bass fishing tour around, my partner, one of the most recognized names in women's bass fishing, and took women's bass fishing to where it is today, despite the failure of WBFA.

This failure like many has a few stories attached to it and while we failed with "Wille" and WBFA, we won bigger then we could have imagined.....The most recognized name in women's bass fishing may still very well be with ESPN, where we intended to take it and women's bass fishing today has gained lots of attention!
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Various institutions