Michal Kacmar

Michal Kacmar

The nonstop thinker and the infite box of ideas
General Business
Kosice, Slovakia
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Ventured • Co-Founder

The next level of adventure! The destination is a mystery.


As a founder of Sponzag I'm trying hard to bring Sponzag to life and make it useful and profitable @Sponzag • Co-Founder

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Amazing things Michal's made
Sponzag is amazing isn't it ?

But there have been other projects before Sponzag. They were amazing yet they failed :

www.e-luxus.sk - 3rd biggest gadget/gift store in SK started as 17 y.o.
www.appskinia.com - selling source codes and doing reskins
www.soundpaints.com - painting with your own voice

Success : iOS app portofilo (more about it at question 13)