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Вадим Ващенко

Attention! We need investment in crowdfunding platform!!!!!!!

Good day! I am the founder and head and I live in Ukraine.On the Internet I found information that You are funding projects such as venture capital or investment companies. I would like that You looked at my project, which in its basic sense involves a combination of investment and crowdfunding, creating a full cycle the marketplace of ideas with its unique business model. Platform "Innovator" already has over 200 innovative ideas that can be potentiality and implement. I hope that my project will interest You. My contact information is in the presentation which is below.
Thanks in advance, the founder and head of platform "Innovator" Vadim Vashchenko.


Вадим Ващенко

Attention! We need investment in #crowdfunding platform!!!!!!!


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Chibueze Noshiri

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