Victor Bala CEO at BVH Equity Trust

Knew about Bizspark since 2010

John Enoh CEO at BeepTool CIS LIMITED

Ogleji project provides online and mobile marketplace to connect farmers with buyers. Farmers now will be able to sell more produce by better pricing without leaving their farm. Buyer now will have more choices and convenient delivery system.
At the beginning we partner with local logistic companies to organize delivery. After first round of investment is secured, we are planning to buy own trucks and have own delivery system.

Satya Nune CEO at Simply Innovations

At Simply Innovations we have prepared a platform which will enable any Streaming or Non Streaming / Gaming applications to work in low end Network Bandwidth ( Approx from 50 kilbits per second for Non streaming , 100 kilobits per second for Streaming / Gaming applications ) on End Device. This is going to be a game changing disruptive platform in the era of Digital , where everything accessed in Mobile phones.

Simply Innovations envisaged challenges all the Tech and Non Tech companies to reach to Tier 1 / Tier 2 /Tier 3 communities where Network is truly an issue / enabling security is expensive to refrain from end device attacks etc... These are all addressed through in inherent features of "TomorrowG " platform.

Feel free to connect for any disucssions. Looking out for funding from Leaders. Thanks Satya +91 9010288820.

Neha Sehgal CEO at Stratrai Ltd

CRAFT - Compliance & Risk Accelerator for FinTechs - helps FinTech businesses implement a Universal Compliance Framework and comply to various technology standards such as Security - ISO 27001, BCP - ISO 22301, Privacy and PCI- DSS and local regulations. All compliance processes, activities & documentation is managed in a single system. It includes policy builder, compliance checker, multi party process workflows, activity trackers, rights management and management dashboards. Regulatory compliance module allows publishing of regulator reports at click of button. The system leverages data across difference modules & compliance standards, eliminates duplication of effort and makes progress fast and efficient.

Richard Heurtley CEO at Pitchableme

Hi, we do design and communication for startups, see

Jacques Van Brakel CEO at ICTTECH Dynamic Cloud Solutions

Its a very good program, still going as at Sep 2018, however under Microsoft for startups

Vladimir Podkoritov Основатель at SCARLET LIFE

У меня есть идея по построению терминалов (сервисных центров) где любой человек независимо от места пребывания и места жительства, может получить любой документ ,независимо где он находиться в данное время.

Brian Hoang CEO at SENCLO

How do we apply to the program?

Dileep Iarala

Is this program is still open?

Shams Ejaz (CISSP)

Rawad ITS , can be your Microsoft Solution Partner available in dubai UAE & KSA contact us !

Jeonatha Gualberto CEO at Getjus

legal, tax e compliance brazil (


JEAN EDELAN Emilcy, We want to implement an indistrie in the poultry sector, The agri-food industry offers us real opportunity and contributes greatly to local developmen

Mawa Zacharia CEO at SINAL

i have an idea of opening an internet research center in a refugee camp

Ibrahim Sarafa PR at Sahel Standard Newspaper

I have an idea to create a more accessible online newspaper to give Nigerians voices. Reach me on

Lawrence Ongboja Executive at Aurora Inc.

I know Microsoft bizspark as a company with high integrity and efficient output rate.

Ronaldus de Bruijn CEO at Agrisim

Can't get into the program unless I apply for Azure, which I really do not want. Any suggestions how to do this in order to do get the regular tools like outlook, word etc.

khalid elhowary صحفي at حر

I have an idea to develop your browser

Manu Gupta CEO at Innokreat

Great Program!!!

Martin K Marketing at

It's good to see Microsoft actively investing into startups! Keep it up!

Amal Raj CEO at 40HertzRipple

Excellent launch pad for startups. Currently 40Hertzripple is a part of MS Bizspark, looking for Bizspark Plus invite.

Mika Kooper Co-Founder at #1 SEO

Ing. CIP Hugo Espejo Briceño Project Manager. Rubro: Industrial at Arca Continental Lindley

Vimal Kumar COO at TreasureSouq

We are part of MS BizSpark, it is wonderful experience

Lawrence Patrick Founder & CTO at dwBuilder

Great Benefits! Seeking Plus sponsorship for Founder

Ganesh Kris IT Consulting at BMG Columbia House

Excellent support and server. Can't appreciate them enough

Yehuda Gerstle Developed .NET cyber intelligence tool at LBD, AI Innovation

Payam Madjidi Co-Founder at Onacci

Great package for startups focused with focus on the cloud!

Chibueze Noshiri

Real help for startups

Chibueze Noshiri

What an amazing program from Microsoft

WhatsThe BigIt Consultant at Avanade

This is an amazing program from Microsoft!

Bertrand OUARY President/CEO at JooSport

Nice Microsoft startup deal :)

Luke Jcsc Developer at

I am still denied, but it is an opportunity you should not pass up.

m.prabu m.prabu Co-Founder at Numerical Friends Group Mark Zuckerberg

realy your god to dear friend my realy aid is working to my own intrest aid is working to poverty people many poverty life shange and poverty child life support and orphans child and old father mother daily eating nutrition food problem solve please help to me to please you vote to me

Herlyndah Hermala BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT/MANAGING PARTNER at OJIV - OJ Industrial Agencies

Evolving easily

Dragos Andronic Co-Founder at TxtFeedback

Bizspark Plus allowed us to spend our money where it matters, for customer development

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

one best enterprises informatic

Алексей Юрьев

Microsoft ® BizSpark ® представляет собой глобальную программу, которая помогает стартапам успеха

Dyakova Anastasia Co-Founder at msapp