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500 Start-ups have raised 1,9bn in 3 years, 30+ of them exited and 3 went public. How? They collaborated with world class mentors and industry experts from international leading companies joining Microsoft Accelerator.

Microsoft Accelerator London is a global ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market. Our capacity to work with Corporations as well as emerging tech companies creates a unique Win/Win situation that helps us to create sustainable global businesses.

Microsoft Accelerator London’s vision is to create the vehicle of change by providing the best IT solutions to create robust technology to deploy strong sales pipelines.

You’ve proven your model, you have some clients and enough money to raise a Series A as well as selling to the clients that you have dreamt of. The next step is to Join the Microsoft Accelerator London for an equity Free programme over 4 months.

As you will graduate from our programme, you will also get a chance to speak to VCs in a different way. Apply now to join us in October and showcase at our worldwide known event in January 2017.



John Donnelly CTO (Technical)
Johnny Gorman COO (Operations) Operations Guru
Kevin MONSERRAT Marketing

44 Startups


£120–250K year
£35–45K year • 0-1%
£35–45K year • 0-1%
£1.2–1.5K month
£30–50 year
$20–30 year
£1 year • 0.5-3%
£30–60K year • 0-0.3%
£30–60K year • 0-0.3%
£30–60K year • 0-0.3%
$0 year
£1.3K month
£30–35K year
£60K year • 0.1-2%


Madeleine Weightman, The Work Crowd
The Work Crowd have just submitted their application for Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London program! Looking at what Microsoft Ventures offers their cohorts in terms of support, infrastructure and on going guidance without taking an equity stake is truly phenomenal and real testament to Microsoft giving back and supporting the start-up community here in London. London's start up community is re-defining the way we both work but also the future with innovation. This wouldn't be possible without the on going support and investment from companies like Microsoft Ventures!
Much how AudioTribe helps artists find a route to market through our music label partners, Microsoft Ventures makes sure great ideas find market relevance by providing expertise, technology and a collaborative environment.
Kevin Haughan, Sam Labs
Great programme. Would recommend to any start up with big ideas and big visions looking for a leg up to find their entry point to market and gain visibility among relevant groups. We entered as total unknowns, and left with over 800 Kickstarter backers and extensive press coverage.
Hashim Ruan, ScholTech Inc.
Every entrepreneur out there should try it. Even if you aren't one and you have a great idea. Go for it!