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Offers 51 Mentors

Are you a later stage startup who want to take their businesses to a new level of success? Microsoft Ventures Accelerator can help!

We are now accepting applications for our next London Accelerator programme. Successful applicants will enjoy a host of benefits over 16 weeks from March 2016, including: • Free London office space in a dynamic, fun and business-focused environment • 1:1 mentorship and support • Cutting-edge curriculum with expert workshops on Lean Startup Methodology, Finance, IP Law, PR and much more • BizSpark Plus that provides open source friendly Azure cloud credits • Access to the Microsoft ecosystem and the investor community

Here are two important points. We don’t ask for any equity in the startups we nurture, and they don’t need to build on our tech to get in. We just want to assist them in realising their potential and taking their ideas to the next level. Obviously we hope that Microsoft's powerful products and platforms will play a part in their future, but that’s entirely their choice.

By the end of the programme all the startups should be 100% pitch-ready for any VC/angel investor, and there’s ongoing support, networking with peers, potential customers and partners, plus a global alumni programme.

Do you know any startups interested in breaking new ground, disrupting an industry or doing something surprising and new using cloud-based technologies – particularly Internet of Things, FinTech, games, machine learning, cybersecurity, enterprise solutions and consumer apps? If so, please get them to fill in their details on the London Ventures Accelerator application form here: https://www.f6s.com/microsoftventuresaccelerator-london/apply.

Selection criteria We are looking for tech startups with: • A great team, a brilliant vision and their own designated tech crew • A working product/service using cloud-based technologies, with some level of customer traction (not just a concept/MVP) – fundamentally disrupting an industry and/or riding on a technological innovation • Coachable founders – full timers doing what they love • Funding to sustain the program duration • CEO and CTO willing to be based full-time in London Accelerator for the 16-week Ventures Accelerator programme • Potential to raise Series A venture funding (£1.5m+) within 12 months of finishing the programme

If you have any questions about Ventures Accelerator, please feel free to email the MSV UK team: MSVUK@microsoft.com Bes



Johnny Gorman Operations Guru
Alan Greenberg Previously, Director Apple Education, Podcasting, iTunes U & APP’s. Advisor & Mentor to EdTech start-ups in London, and worldwide.
Aristos Peters Entrepreneur, Investment Fundraiser, Corporate Finance Advisor, Accelerator mentor
Ben Brabyn Founded, built and sold a crowdfunding business with over 1m customers. Also led the UK Govt program bringing investors into UK venture.
Chris Anandan Digital Tech & Innovation AD | Mentor
Cornel Chiriac Mentor | Investor | Business builder
Dr Dave Richards Mentor / Innovation Strategist Powering innovation, enabling enterprises to maximise value creation, and unlock their full potential.
Ghilaine Chan Consigliere | Creating Order | Converting Vision to Reality | Connecting people
Ibrahim Gogus Digital Entrepreneur | StartUp Advisor | Enterprise Software (ex-Oracle) Executive
Jason Wells Strategy, Project Management, Executive and Organisational Development, Operational Risk, Audit, Tech/Info Risk & Security and Intelligence
Kerry Ritz CMO Euromoney Institutional Investor plc; Adviser, Microsoft Ventures UK, Mentor, Techstars,Seedcamp; Investor/Advisor early-stage
Matt Kuppers We provide venture development services for startups with a focus on product development, financial services and marketing.
Matthew Stafford Co-founder @9others
Oli Morgan CMO @Skinflow; @MartePRAgency Founder & @Payfriendz Advisory Board Member. Stanford University Entrepeneurship E145 Mentor.
Rob Wirszycz Non-exec chairman, advisor & mentor. Start-up, scale-up, turnaround, PE and quoted. Raised £150m; exits £100m.

34 Startups


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£30–60K year • 0-0.3%
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Madeleine Weightman, The Work Crowd
The Work Crowd have just submitted their application for Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London program! Looking at what Microsoft Ventures offers their cohorts in terms of support, infrastructure and on going guidance without taking an equity stake is truly phenomenal and real testament to Microsoft giving back and supporting the start-up community here in London. London's start up community is re-defining the way we both work but also the future with innovation. This wouldn't be possible without the on going support and investment from companies like Microsoft Ventures!
Much how AudioTribe helps artists find a route to market through our music label partners, Microsoft Ventures makes sure great ideas find market relevance by providing expertise, technology and a collaborative environment.
Kevin Haughan, Sam Labs
Great programme. Would recommend to any start up with big ideas and big visions looking for a leg up to find their entry point to market and gain visibility among relevant groups. We entered as total unknowns, and left with over 800 Kickstarter backers and extensive press coverage.
Hashim Ruan, ScholTech Inc.
Every entrepreneur out there should try it. Even if you aren't one and you have a great idea. Go for it!