George Diab Founder at GOTO 10 Solutions

I really enjoy the synergy between the two hosts, and I love the guests they got for Season 1. Subscribed and ready for Season 2!

Ryan Shewchuk

I was a guest on Don't Sweat The Tech and I'd be there every week if they let me. Gabe and Mike are hilarious while providing great information. The only tech podcast I listen to. Fully recommended by me and

Greg Shepherd Employee at ELCA

Entertaining interesting even for us non-techies

Jamie Collyer People Ops at SHIFT by Project 100

I recommend Don't Sweat the Tech for their vital, educational and inspriational podcasts. Would like to see them continue to produce quality content and interview prominent speakers.

Mike Flatow

The most entertaining 1 man duo in Las Vegas.

Adam Rogers Musician at Local Music Scene of Las Vegas

These guys are amazing. I think if they were chosen, they would be able to succeed, and you always put your money on the horse that has the best chance at winning :)

Mike Yoder

Fun, Entertaining, Informative.... the only thing missing is smell-o-vision

Amy Luong

Best podcast ever.

Jenn Shepherd

"Tech News, Reviews and Interviews" with a twist!
I'm a bit ashamed to admit my knowledge regarding tech topics is rather limited, but the guys and their awesome line-up of guests have made the info fun and easy to digest. I now understand bitcoin, that I should always swipe right and where to go when I visit Downtown Vegas. This show is seriously one of the best parts of my week :)