Miroslav Miroslavov

Miroslav Miroslavov

Software Engineer, Product Manager, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Speaker.
Product • General Engineer
Sofia, Bulgaria
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Sofia Valley

Founder @Sofia Valley • Employee

Sep '12 - Present (6 years 4 months)


Team Leader @Telerik Unconfirmed

Feb '10 - Present (9 years)


CEO @OfficeR&D • Co-Founder

Coworking and Flexible Workspace Management Platform

University of Sofia

University of Sofia

Graduated 2009

University of Sofia

University of Sofia

Graduated 2009


Rumen Iliev recommended OfficeR&D where Miroslav is Co-Founder

Simply the most sophisticated and best looking product for for Co-working and Serviced offices. OfficeRND created a superior and reliable product for this growing market and I am firm believer that in 5 years we will see >50% of the workforce working @coworking, @serviced office, @ flexible office or the facility managers or team leaders will use their software to manage work space in a way that will encourage creativity and team work.

Radoslav Georgiev recommended OfficeR&D where Miroslav is Co-Founder

Hello everybody,

I just want to say that Miro and Miro are the dream startup team, that has decided to change an industry for the better.

As a part of HackBulgaria - a hacker school from programmers, based in Sofia, Bulgaia, we were the first guys to try officernd - www.officernd.com/hack-bulgaria

This helped us get more partners!

In the future, we plan to use officernd extensively in order to make a more productive lecture halls!

About the team behind officernd - as i said, Miro and Miro are the guys, who can deliver something that is:

1) Hard to copy. Good luck making the entire algorithm & visualization without their experience
2) Good looking with UX in mind - they have an eye for that.
3) A platform that solves a real pain and problem.

Their working experience in Telerik makes them suitable for the next big company that will change hoow we plan our offices.