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Mithun Roy

An entrepreneur interested to build companies that have long term impacts on the lives of the people worldwide
General Business • Operations
Bangalore, India
  • HR Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Operations Management
  • People Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Sales Management
  • Vendor Management

KOIX • Co-Founder

Interactive education through mobile & television interface

TNUL • Co-Founder

Team Architect @ExpoStores • Co-Founder

A futuristic global Platform for B2B Trade & Commerce using Deeptech

Sales @GABproject • Co-Founder

Amazing things Mithun's made
We started our own in-house manufacturing ourselves as we were frustrated with the anamolies in the manufacturing industry and to understand the problem faced in the manufacturing leather and jute goods industry luckily it is our most successful provider cum exclusive partner on our platform . Some previous projects include working for providing internet facilities in the remote areas in India in my village , We tried building a solar powered internet wifi baloon even before google introduced to the world we learn the entire satellite communication - we failed cause vsat access are limited to special use and we could not get the right access . One of other ventures , TNULabs - Training and You labs started to inculcate the missing link of the skills found in passing out students by providing them free orientation training , today we have a group of more than ~850 trainers helping us on this journey still. All of these activities together helped shape our ever evolving platform.