Mohan Gaonkar

Mohan Gaonkar

Mohan Gaonkar is fond of mathematics, graduated M.A.; M.ED. Challenging problem solving his hobby. This inspired him to innovate cocorobot.
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Goa Velha, India
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Starting UP

CEO @Starting UP • Employee

Jan '17 - Present (2 years 6 months)

Coconut Harvesting

CEO @Coconut Harvesting • Co-Founder

Machine that harvest's , dowload's coconuts and; spray's pesticde at crown

New Horizon Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Founder, Innovator @New Horizon Industries Pvt. Ltd. • Co-Founder

Machine that climbs , harvests, safe downloads, cleans and sprays pesticide

THRIVE Accelerator IV

Founder @THRIVE Accelerator IV Unconfirmed

Mentorship and investment program for agtech startups

Amazing things Mohan's made
Amazing unmanned radio wireless remote controlled coconut harvesting machine which can climb the coconut trees ,pluck the coconuts from coconut trees within a short time as compared to the time taken by human being, can down load coconuts from the top of coconut trees more in numbers as compared to human beings and bring coconuts safely on the ground, can spray pesticide around the crown of the coconut trees to keep safe from diseases which are caused by various types micro flies.
If you go through the history of coconut tree climbers you will come to know how difficult and dangerous their life was.
Secondly because of pests very few coconuts are growing, so no gain for coconut climber nor owner of the coconut trees.
Thirdly, Even after whole day climbing coconut trees coconut climbers get few coconuts in return.
All these problems will be solved by our amazing Unmanned radio wireless remote controlled coconut harvesting machine, that climbs, harvests, downloads and spray pesticide

Adavi Rao Desai

Shri Mohan Gaonkar is an enthusiastic personality with zeal for research to address the current issues and social and scientific issues. He has strong bent of mind for solving the most felt problems of rural mass, a social sector struggling for existence in the present urbanization trends. Mr Gaonkar's analytical ability and aptitude are evinced on many platforms. His designing and fabricating capabilities are this assets which were revealed during our association with him in the discussion for developing farmer friendly field equipments embodying the modern electronic and mechanical gadgets. Being a mathematics teacher, he has great sense of application of fundamental mathematical theories and principles for practical situation to address the engineering problems. Opportunities extended at him to serve the society will never go in vain. May he be bestowed with best of the opportunities for the cause of the humanity and motivating the youth. Wishing him all the best.
_ Dr. A R Desai,

Rajendra Gad recommended New Horizon Industries Pvt. Ltd. where Mohan is Co-Founder

Mr. Mohan Gaonkar has innovative mind and always involved in researching the issues of common man problems. He has been participating in various competitions international and national level to demonstrate his capacities. Being Mathematics Teacher in profession has inquisitive and analytical mind and also has good skills to motivating the young minds. May he succeeded in his endeavors.