We are in stealth mode....
We are in stealth mode.
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Joseph Aranda

While interning for August, Jorgen showed that he has all of the intangibles necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. He has a tremendous work ethic and has the singular focus necessary to guide MOON through the incredibly difficult early stages of building a consumer device company. While working for August Jorgen demonstrated the ability to quickly pick up and drive projects while producing quality work. His attention to detail was fantastic as he treated small projects with the same level of diligence as he did larger and more complex projects. Jorgen’s work is seen in two August customer-facing assets. He is the only August intern that has produced work at that level. I look forward to seeing Jorgen lead his team into the next stage of their company.

Borgar Ljosland

Norway has not yet produced a significant mainstream hitech success story ; this team has all the potential to change that. They have a wonderfully oversized engine of enthusiasm, skill and passion built on top of a clear vision. 10 years from now, Moon Wearables have changed the way we interact, communicate and compute.