Moshiur Tarafdar

Moshiur Tarafdar

Team leader. CTO Noodle Markets, CTO Unigo; AVP Princeton Review
Front End Dev
New York City, US
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Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder @Story2 • Co-Founder

Story2 empowers people to communicate authentically through storytelling.

Jul '14 - Present (6 years 7 months)

Noodle Markets

CTO @Noodle Markets • Co-Founder

Story2 LLC

CTO @Story2 LLC • Co-Founder

Live your boldest life through the art and science of storytelling.


Graham Forman recommended Story2 where Moshiur is Co-Founder

Carol is a passionate founder and her team has created a differentiated solution to a key problem - too few students and professionals have professional writing skills. I'm a big fan of Story2 and excited to see the company grow to impact millions of students and professionals.

Bruce Hack recommended Story2 LLC where Moshiur is Co-Founder

I come to Story2 with decades of experience in online products and services actively used by high school and college-aged children. I see Story2 is a brilliant solution to a gigantic problem in education and business – poor writing skills. Story2 has solved this problem by guiding the writer to tell his or her story out loud, then convert that story via a simple set of practices into much more compelling written product than would be created directly. This solution is now proved out by real engagement and outcomes for children and parents. I was so impressed with the Story2 team and progress that I invested early and have spent considerable time with the company’s leadership. As Story2 expands and requires more capital, I plan to invest further to support their product, sales and marketing efforts. I would be happy to further discuss their huge commercial potential, the team or any other questions you have.

Graham Forman recommended Story2 LLC where Moshiur is Co-Founder

Carol is a passionate, mission-driven entrepreneur with deep domain expertise in the problem she and her team are working to solve - better writing skills. Story2 is a pioneering approach to improving writing skills through the neuroscience of storytelling. The company's platform is scalable and has the potential to improve writing skills for millions of students. As an impact investor, Story2 has all the ingredients that I look for - a passionate team driven by a great leader, a big, important problem to solve, and a pioneering approach that's backed by evidence that it can improve student outcomes.

Jeremy Johnson Co-Founder at 2U recommended Story2 where Moshiur is Co-Founder

Carol is a force of nature and it's clear that the essay prep market isn't just going to exist, but will be big.I think story to college is one of the best approaches to date and I'm excited to see the company develop.