A full-service platform from small business lending....
A full-service platform from small business lending.
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Carlos Rosso
Carlos Rosso CFO Credit and finance expert enabling companies of all sizes access efficient capital.


Carlos and Cesar are visionaries in emerging market finance. Every time I chat with them I learn about what a key service they are providing in their targeted markets. Proud to call them friends.

Carlos and Cesar have impressive backgrounds in finance making them an ideal team to make an impact on closing the gap that exists for small business to access credit.

I remember Carlos telling me that he and Cesar had worked on the full gamut of lending and credit analysis in Latin America from corporate, real estate, auto and many, many more sectors with the exception of one -- small business lending.

It was this experience that led the team to realize that Latin America is an incredibly undeserved market when it comes to small business lending. MR Presta is leveraging technology to be able to efficiently analyze risk minimizing operational overhead and expense as well as drastically reducing the time to approval for a small business. These two aspects are driving MR Presta's impact on closing the gap of access to capital for small businesses and I'm excited to watch them grow their impact in the next phase of their business.