Mr V

Mr V

Web developer.Community developer for Ardor and Lisk.Currently focused on Angular & Ionic projects
Back End Dev • Front End Dev
Chicago, US
  • HTML + CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • node.js
  • PHP

Engineer @Altrean • Co-Founder

Dashboard for blockchains, other DLTs, and applications on top of them.

Amazing things Mr's made
Mobile Apps for both Ardor and Lisk.
Ardor Blockchain Explorer at

Bernhard Müller Hug Business Development Manager at Bitmain recommended Altrean where Mr is Co-Founder

I know Travin since spring 2017 and have had conversations with him on many ovations. Through Agavon, now Altrean, he is also a member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. He is a self declared blockchain minimalist which means he thinks it only makes sense to apply blockchain where it is really needed. Travin has introduced me to the concept of Altrean a while back and a wallet/dashboard like he is developing may be useful to many people in the space.

As a disclaimer I have to add that I consider myself friends with Travin and I have never worked with him directly on a project. I could very well imagine working with him, though as he rational and professional impression on me and he has a very fund understanding of the space and the technology.