Mutisya Ndunda

Mutisya Ndunda

Founder of Alpha Vertex; Former Head of Strategy Bloomberg Enterprise; Chief of Staff Strategic Options Trading at SIG; Rugby player
Financial • General Business
New York City, US
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Alpha Vertex

Founder & CEO @Alpha Vertex • Co-Founder

AI to make finance professionals more productive and profitable.

Jul '15 - Present (2 years 11 months)

Amazing things Mutisya's made
As Chief of Staff of the Strategic Options trading business at SIG, I oversaw the development of the first Human + Machine automated market making system for the firm. This trading technology was modeled after aircraft autopilot systems which rely on millions of sensors and inputs to fly the plane after takeoff but allow the pilot to seamlessly take over during turbulence and landing.

This symbiotic combination of human intelligence and machine processing power was novel at a time when the industry was rapidly moving towards fully automated, algorithmic based trading systems.

During the financial crisis, this hybrid approach allowed SIG traders to apply human judgement and intuition at machine scale across rapidly changing market conditions resulting in the most profitable years for the firm while its competitors cratered.
Cornell University

Cornell University

Masters of Financial Engineering 2002 - 2003

Cornell University College of Engineering

Cornell University College of Engineering

BASc Electrical Engineering 1997 - 2001