I am an of My Dog Bowl


Boaz Hecht


Golnaz Hosseini

I absolutely love MYDOGBOWL! for all the obvious reasons. 1- the website is fantastic and user friendly. I enjoy that it's not overwhelming and easy to maneuver thru. 2- I can greatly appreciate the competitive prices among other pet stores, who doesn't like to save $$. 3- The service I get with MyDogBowl is so refreshing. Working with Moby has made pet food delivery a breeze. He's always prompt to help & very informative.

Arie Shen

I always consider who is the team and who is the leader / entrepreneur behind any business, it is the #1 criterion that affects the business' success potential. Moby is a business savvy - entrepreneurial thinker, one who truly thinks outside the box, and then goes and executes. Adaptability, creativity, positive energy, customer oriented approach coupled with superb service are the qualities I see within the MDB team. The value proposition is simple and compelling: Your pet food, at your doorstep, for less !! Who can argue with that? Quality of service and products, simplicity of use and service beyond expectations are the key ingredients with MyDogBowl. All that created an environment that retains customers and acquire new ones on a daily basis, leading to a growing business.

David Caster

MDB makes a novel approach to the pet food retail sales business.

MDB's online presence includes a great deal of information that helps the consumer to make informed choices when ordering food for their dog or cat. The great variety of products at MyDogBowl.com gives pet owners access to the best of breed foods for their pets, including hypoallergenic and specialty pet foods.

Service is prompt, ordering is easy, and different delivery options are available depending on the location of the buyer. A subscription service allows customers to set up recurring orders and adjust them to meet the needs of pet owning households.