Navut provides a set of online tools that enable an easier transition from one house to another. Unlike other websites, Navut’s various tools cover numerous aspects of moving including finding the optimal neighborhood, understanding the living costs involved, and even fitting in and adapting to the new setting. Currently, there are 150 million people in the developed world moving every year....
Navut provides a set of online tools that enable an easier transition from one house to another. Unlike other websites, Navut’s various tools cover numerous aspects of moving including finding the optimal neighborhood, understanding the living costs involved, and even fitting in and adapting to the new setting. Currently, there are 150 million people in the developed world moving every year.
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Renato Anderson Rosa, PMP
Senior Business Analyst, Pricing Strategy and Business Development, Bombardier

I worked with Gustavo Burckhardt (Navut's CTO) few years ago in a cutting edge tech company in Montreal, Canada. I find that Navut was a brilliant creation to fill the gap in terms of researching neighborhoods when you're moving to somewhere you're not familiar with. It gives what you need all in one place. By the Navut solution built, you can tell that Gustavo, as the Startup's CTO, did a great job and is leading the company in the right direction.

Navut is a great website and was introduced to it by Aureabelle, whom I had the pleasure of working with in several projects for almost two years in my past job. She is a hardworking individual and a team player. I was always impressed by her ideas for building an engaging user experience in our application. In between working on tough projects, we would still manage to engage in casual conversations. I am confident that Aureabelle will continue to bring abundant value to Navut.

No job is too big when you have a team of dedicated and motivated individuals. Aureabelle used to report to me in a former life. She was an invaluable member of our product team and her strength and commitment were put to the test, time and time again. Her resilience was pushed to its limits when the company decided to undertake a major rebrand in a very short amount of time. Aureabelle rose to the occasion, working faster and harder than ever, while still delivering quality results.
I've seen Navut's humble beginnings and the progress that it has made in the past couple of years. Expanding on a wider audience is no doubt a huge leap of faith but if you got a team whose perseverance is immeasurable, no mountain is high enough.

I have first hired Marcos Carvalho when he was still a teenager and he has provided services for my businesses for more than 13 years. He became a key asset for us when my company was acquired by GL events, the second larger group in the event industry. Marcos was responsible for developing new businesses during the strategic period of implementation of the group in South America. He provided excellent results as a Key Account Manager besides the turmoil of the crises. Our client’s were extremely satisfied with Marcos’ services. Marcos is a go getter who added lots of value to our organisation thanks to his creative and entrepreneurial approaches. His latest project, Navut, is a great concept and he seems to be surrounded by an excellent team.

I learned about NAVUT through Aureabelle, a talented Designer that left the company we use to work together to help a startup working on an interesting idea. Since then, I have witnessed Navut progressing and releasing incremental solutions that meet the needs of so many user types. I saw the product starting with a visual appealing solution for people to find out suitable areas to live in the town. Then it matured to include more cities, more meaningful information while a user is researching areas of interst, it offered better ways to interact with the map, and now, the ability for agents to facilitate the process for people to find a house and sign a contract. I wish all the best to this team and to the product. They proved to be able to build and deliver a meaningful service to everyone.

Melissa Dawn
Life & Business Coach, CEO of Your Life Inc

I have seen the growth of Navut from inception till now and I must say that this team is extremely driven to make their product, THE product people turn to when relocating. They work really hard and stop at nothing to meet the very aggressive goals they have for their clients and themselves. They continuously put themselves out there and take big leaps to ensure they are abreast of market trends and doing everything it takes to make people's relocation experience an easy and smooth transition.

Grégoire Kiss
Strategic Acquisition Manager-Western Europe, Arkadin

I've know Markos for 5+ years and can strongly recommend him and everything he undertakes. His business accumen is something very special. I had the privilege of managing him and he quickly became a leader not only on my team but in our entire sales organization of 500+ sales professionals world wide. A multiple incentive winner and top performer, Markos is born for success and makes sure that everything he undertakes is done with professionalism, dedication, but very importantly in an altruist way as he is a great team player. His "never accept no" attitude make him close deals where others quit.
As for Navut, I've recommended their solutions to high profile expat relationships and everybody was blown away by the service received. I think they have something special: great product, great approach and a superb team led by Markos. In our sales organization, we use to say that Brazil have Ronaldo on their team, and we have Markos.

I have been an entrepreneur in real estate technology for the past 25 years, first in France and since 2009 in Montreal, Canada. I first met Marcos when Navut was just getting started and I was instantly convinced that it held great potential. Indeed, Navut provides a new approach to the needs of tenants and owners moving to a new town. It answers a very simple and yet essential question: where should I live ?
In this regard, I believe that Navut has a huge potential, as it is a true B to B to C product in a crucial sector like real estate.

I've been in tech for more than 15 years occupying diverse positions at Microsoft and Oracle. As a seed investor, I've backed more than 10+ tech ventures. Today I am Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Endless inc.
Real Estate is in urgent need for tech evolution and Navut is tapping into a huge opportunity thank to their unique approach. They're solving real problems for people relocating and bringing confidence to the very important life event that is moving to another city or country. Their marketing solutions for real estate professionals are unique and have high potential revenue. I've invested in Navut because of its solutions but mainly for its team. I've known Marcos for many years and followed closely his many successes. He is a crazy driven hustler who I know will just make it big. His resilience and adaptability to unpredicted situations are pillars to his victories. Navut’s team is composed by a top notch crowd and they'll crush it if you let them in!

Being a Real Estate Broker for more than 10 years and a brazilian immigrant myself, I understand the great value Navut adds to the market.
Because Navut my clients are much better informed when moving to Montreal. They save a lot of time and feel more confident about their decisions, what is a great advantage for us Real Estate Brokers.
As a Navut Neighborhood Specialist, I increase my notoriety and online exposure as a local and community specialist and receive clients that match my profile and offerings.
Client’s referred by Navut have a much higher conversion rate thanks to their matchmaking solution. My listings also receive great exposure thanks to Navut’s high Google rank.
I recommend Navut to everyone moving to Canada as well as to my colleagues looking to target specific demographics."

I'm a serial entrepreneur on my 5th company with a couple of successful exits. I have known and collaborated with Marcos, Mauro and their team for 2 years. The founders are a driven, experienced and resilient bunch that combine good business acumen with strong technical skills. Their iterative, never-say-die approach to problem solving has impressed me on more the one occasion. Their domain expertise, which continues to grow, is also impressive.

I am a Real Estate Broker at Royal Lepage Heritage and Director of Operations for Summit Property Management where I manage several buildings with over 100 units. Recently I was selected by REP (Real Estate Professional) magazine as one of the "Young Guns" in 2015. Only 100 real estate professionals across all of Canada under the age of 35 were nominated.

In my 8 years of real estate activities I have always searched for a solution giving early access to newcomers so I could engage and build loyalty with this valuable market before they reach my city. This is exactly what Navut has done for me while no other website can.

I have been using Navut since the beginning and closed many sales thanks to their technologies. I have seen the amazing progress the company has accomplish in the past 2 years and am impress by their ability to adapt to the Canadian market limitations in order to keep growing.

I have been an angel investor for about 15 years and have invested in multiple companies in Canada, USA and Israel in different industries ranging from high-tech to medical, retail and real estate. I met Marcos Carvalho, Co-founder of Navut, through personal connections in 2013. After meeting the rest of the Navut team, I decided to invest and my financial advisors performed a due diligence process where we challenged the team's assumptions and validated their projections. The money I invested was used to grow the business in accordance with the plan. I have been happy with the progress made by the team and their capacity to adapt and improve their business model. Since the start, Navut's plan was to expand their activities to the USA. They always had a defined strategy for this expansion and have been gathering all the data for it. I am confident they reached the necessary maturity to succeed in this market and will benefit greatly from Techstars to reach their goals.

Julien Denaes
CEO, in charge of the business strategy and product development, Logrr

I've know Mauro and Navut for more than a year and it's crazy how Mauro was able to grow this company.I've been living in 7 different countries in my life (moving again in 4 weeks) and the problem Navut is solving is real. Mauro and his amazing team found a great scalable recipe to find the next neighborhood where you can feel like home from day 1. Cities are getting bigger and moving in a new environment is not an easy challenge, we all have different needs.
As an entrepreneur, I learned a lot from Mauro's experience. He is incredibly smart and knows how to find efficient paths for his goals (team building, fundraising, customers growth hacking). It's pretty rare to find someone that has so many skills.
My startup "graduated" from Techstars last summer in NY and I can say that we really ACCELERATED. If Navut is applying for an accelerator, it means Mauro has a plan for it: accepting Navut means this plan will be executed and goals will be reached.

I have been advising Mauro Repacci from NAVUT for the last 2 years. He joined my Startup Next Spring 2014 cohort and was selected worldwide for the Global Demo Day in Silicon Valley. During Startup Next, he showed progress on a weekly basis and he was really committed to make things happen. Coached him prior his pitch in SanFran and he did great. He received mentoring hours from Bob Dorf and Brad Feld as a follow-on. I can tell that Mauro has the "chutzpah" in his DNA. He's find innovative ways to re-invent himself. Even during though times, he remains calm. He can work relentless to find solutions when challenged. His work ethic is extremely high. He is also very pragmatic when it comes to making business decisions and he is pretty much aware of his weaknesses and strengths. To perform well while scaling/accelerating his business, he needs to be challenged with ambitious goals. The more you ask, the more you'll get. He also knows how to reward his team. That part does't need to change